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Are sleeveless dresses appropriate for work?

Sleeveless dresses are a popular pick in summer, but where is this type of apparel appropriate? It's not always easy for women to know what they should wear in the workplace. Men have it easier with suits, slacks, and button-down shirts. For women, the options are seemingly endless. A sleeveless dress is an appropriate option for many workplace environments. However, there are several questions that you'll want to ask to determine if this type of dress is right for your particular workplace.

Exploring the guidelines for your individual job will give you a good idea of whether you can wear a sleeveless dress to work. Consider these questions as you're deciding what to wear.

Does your workplace have a dress code?

The first consideration when you're selecting appropriate attire for your workplace is the official dress code. Unfortunately, this isn't always as detailed as it could be. Men often have an easier time than women. A suit and tie is a very clear and achievable dress code for a man. Translated for a woman, the dress code may simply ask for “appropriate” attire.

If your employer's dress code is casual or business casual dresses, a sleeveless dress should be fine. If you're asked to wear more professional attire, you may need to add a blazer or cardigan in some environments. Simply having a cardigan on hand will offer a quick solution if a superior questions the appropriateness of your attire.

What's the company culture?

Company culture isn't spelled out as clearly as a dress code, but understanding this aspect of the business will give you a good idea about what type of attire is acceptable. If the culture is formal and refined, you may need to be wary of the type of sleeveless dress that you wear. A formal dress without sleeves may still be acceptable, but you'll want to avoid anything with a casual air to it.

Observe how others dress in the workplace for a better idea of what the culture is like. If you're new to the job, err on the side of more conservative wear at first, but do feel free to branch out as you get a better idea of what's acceptable in that environment.

Are you a representative of your company?

Does your job keep you in the office all day or are you headed out as a representative of the company? If you spend time visiting clients, customers, or other business locations, you'll need to be more mindful of your apparel than you might if you were in one location all day. When you're acting as a representative, you want to match your attire to the culture and dress code of the places that you're visiting. Check out what's acceptable in those locations to determine whether sleeveless apparel will work for that destination.

Where do you spend the workday?

What kind of job do you have? A sleeveless dress is entirely appropriate if you can accomplish all of your duties in this type of attire. However, you should avoid wearing a summery dress to the workplace if it might get in the way of your duties. Do you need to think about movability? If you're stocking shelves, taking inventory, waiting tables, or spending hours walking, bending, twisting, and moving, you shouldn't wear a dress unless you’re certain that it's durable and comfortable with ample range of motion.

A sleeveless dress may also present some comfort concerns if you're in an office environment that's constantly chilly. You don't want to spend the day shivering for the sake of a fashionable pick. However, if your workspace is warm, a sleeveless dress can keep you comfortable without sacrificing anything in the way of style. If you choose a professional cut and color, you'll find that a sleeveless dress is a far more work-ready option than a sleeveless top and slacks or skirt worn separately.

How is the sleeveless dress cut?

The most important consideration when you're deciding whether a sleeveless dress is appropriate is the cut of the specific dress in question. A dress with spaghetti straps is rarely acceptable for office apparel unless you're in a very casual environment. However, you can achieve a more professional look with a sleeveless dress when you choose a piece with:

Pair your sleeveless dress with other professional accessories to give it work-ready appeal. High heels or booties are more appropriate than sandals or strappy heels. Stick with classic jewelry like pearls, minimalist chain necklaces, and stunning stud earrings. Avoid hoop earrings, bangles, or jewelry with large stones.

Let the dress take center stage, so make sure your look stays sleek, simple, and ready for the job. Done right, a sleeveless dress can be the ideal choice for work.


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