Are Messenger Bags for Guys?

Are Messenger Bags for Guys?

I assume if you’re reading this you are either a guy wondering if it’s “okay” for a man to carry a messenger bag or someone trying to convince their partner that guys DO carry messenger bags. The most important point we can possibly make is that you should absolutely carry whatever bag is both functional to your needs and works with your aesthetic. Clothes and accessories and bags, just like colors and prints and everything else in the world, are made for the people who like them, who will enjoy them, whomsoever those people may be. The “rules” we all learned as children are flying out the window, a little faster every day, and we at Lands’ End are happy to provide clothing and accessories for everybody (and every body!), no matter which department you want to shop from or how you wish to present yourself. We’re just thrilled to be part of your wardrobe!

But to answer your question. . .

Yes! Messenger bags are definitely for guys. If you think of messenger bags as a particularly stylish backpack, you’ll see that messenger bags are simply a functional unisex accessory. Of course, everyone knows that Lands’ End is really into backpacks; we’re famous for ours! Our backpacks are durable, functional, thoughtfully designed and come in such a wide array of colors, prints and sizes that we assume our dedicated shoppers carry a Lands’ End backpack from Preschool to, well. . . forever. At the same time, we understand that a backpack of any style doesn’t exactly scream, “I’m a high-powered executive,” or, “I have a sophisticated style that has evolved over time.” There may come a moment in a man’s life when he wants to up his look or his game, and a messenger bag is ideal for that precise moment.

What makes messenger bags great for guys?

Messenger bags come in lots of sizes, styles and materials, just like backpacks or purses. You can use the concept of a messenger bag with any aesthetic just by shopping for the right one. If you have an executive level job but noticed that the briefcases our fathers and grandfathers favored are no longer in use, a high-quality leather messenger bag with slim styling and attractive hardware is probably just what you need to carry your laptop and files between your office and your home office. Perhaps you’re just beginning your career journey and want to symbolically mark that you’ve left your college bookbag behind as you enter the corporate world; in that situation, a good leather messenger bag in a rugged finish and more relaxed silhouette might be what you’re looking for. Perhaps you still really need a backpack, but you just don’t feel like they are very “you.” That happened to me in college, and I began carrying a proper briefcase although it wasn’t really functional for me. A messenger bag can be! Select one with a dedicated laptop pocket and room for a book or two. Waxed canvas is particularly durable, and resists water to keep your things dry if you are still walking around campus or waiting for busses.

Something that is less discussed about messenger bags for guys but that really ought to be their selling point is—and this is sort of a secret so keep it down—you don’t have to just use it for work or school. It can just be your bag. For your stuff, whatever that may be. Especially for men whose look falls under the umbrella of more traditionally masculine presentation, being able to incorporate an everyday bag into your wardrobe is a game changer! Men have long had much, much better pockets in their clothing than women, but it was women who truly had the advantage when it came to carrying things on their person, because no one even notices a lady carrying a handbag. Where do guys put their lip balm, back-up charger, comb, and the book their friend wants to borrow? How do dads unobtrusively tote around the wet wipes, cheese sticks and special stuffies that every mom seems to magically pull out of their handbag? Well, you can certainly put all that in a messenger bag, and it doesn’t disrupt a masculine vibe to your overall look in any way, if that’s important to you.

Messenger bags for guys, any time!

Messenger bags are a viable, stylish option to any guy who wants a bag that is more sophisticated or grown-up than a backpack but nowhere in area of a ladies’ handbag. Shop for the size, style, silhouette and material that makes the most sense for your needs and taste, and you are sure to get a practical bag that can be your dependable sidekick for years to come. Whether you carry important legal briefs, papers to grade, your boss’s personal shopping, animal crackers for your kid or just your own lip balm, back-up charger, and the book your friend wants to borrow, a messenger bag might be your ideal meeting of form and function.


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