Are Duck Boots Slip Resistant, Waterproof, and Good for Snow?

Are Duck Boots Slip Resistant, Waterproof, and Good for Snow?

When it comes to wet and cold weather, it’s hard to beat duck boots. This classic boot and trendy fashion essential is designed with all the elements in mind to help you fend off wet conditions. Both men’s and women’s duck boots are an iconic boot that combines the best of leather and rubber so you can meet the elements. If you are looking for a three-season boot that can get you from cold autumn rain to wet winter snow and into the mud and melt of spring, then perhaps duck boots are for you. Slip-resistant, waterproof, and good in the snow, this style of boot ticks all the boxes when it comes to beating the weather.

What Are Duck Boots?

So, what are duck boots anyway? Duck boots are a mashup of leather, rubber, and insulation for durable and comfortable boots. They are also incredibly trendy. Available in many different designs, styles, and colors, duck boots have gone beyond being a standard boot. While there is some variation to suit the aesthetic preferences of both men and women, women’s and men’s duck boots look pretty similar.

These sturdy and waterproof boots feature a leather upper section for mobility, warmth, and comfort and a rubber lower section that makes them waterproof and slip-resistant. Duck boots typically come up to your ankles to give you more support and protection from the elements. Because of their functionality, comfort, and design, duck boots are the perfect option for colder and wetter weather.


Duck boots are awesome because they are virtually waterproof. These boots laugh in the face of moisture and can conquer even the nastiest of storms without letting your toes get cold or wet. Most boots are either leather or rubber, but the duck boot is conveniently both. The leather upper makes for flexibility and comfort for hiking, walking, or working outside, and the rubber sole protects your feet from the elements, including water. Getting wet toes on a hike or while outdoors in the winter can ruin your day, and worse, it can be dangerous.

Thankfully the duck boot has rubber to keep moisture out and a handy lace-up system so you can tighten the leather upper part of the boot around your ankles to keep any snow from drifting in. The fact that they are waterproof also makes them more ideal for transitional seasons like fall and spring than your standard winter snow boot.


Slipping is a big concern during those wet and cold months. Especially for older people, a bad fall can be dangerous. Because of their rubber doles and heavy-duty treads, duck boots are a great choice for slip-resistant boots. These boots are designed for you to prevail through the worst of cold, wet weather, and this includes helping you move through wet, icy, and slippery conditions feeling confident in your balance and less likely to slip and fall.

Good for Snow

While not your typical snow boot, duck boots can be worn in snowy conditions. Snow boots tend to be bulky and designed to insulate your feet in frigid temperatures, whereas duck boots offer a little extra flexibility and functionality. While they are not the boot for trekking across the Arctic, they are a solid choice for precipitation, including snow. Because duck boots are waterproof, insulated, slip-resistant, and offer the mobility of a hiking boot, they are great for clamoring through the snow while keeping your feet warm and dry. They are also many people’s top choice winter boots because they tend to be more functional and less bulky than your traditional snow boot while still offering substantial insulation and protection.

When to Wear Them

The better question might be: When should you not wear duck boots? The short answer? Don’t wear duck boots in warm and fair weather. Instead, wear duck boots the rest of the time. They are perfect to wear through the winter with your warmest winter coats and through the transitional seasons of fall and spring to be prepared for whatever the changing weather throws your direction. Rain, sleet, snow, hail, ice, wind, and mud can all be managed when wearing a solid pair of duck boots.

How to Style Them

The great thing about duck boots is that they’re a style statement in and of themselves. The perfect shoes to wear when trying to capture that rugged cabincore or earthy cottagecore vibe, duck boots add a new dimension to your look however you choose to style them. If you’re looking to add something interesting to an outfit, perhaps duck boots are a good way to go come the wetter and colder months. To capture the chic outdoorsy look, wear your duck boots with a good flannel shirt and a well-fitting pair of blue jeans.

Duck boots look best with jeans either tucked into them or cuffed around their lips. Try not to tuck your duck boots under your pant legs, as this can look a little bulky and weird. If you’re tucking your duck boots into pants because you’re trying to keep out the snow, then that’s a great practical trick, but it’s not the most fashionable way to style them. Duck boots also look great when worn with leggings, chunk knits, and stylish wool and cashmere sweaters. These styling tips work well for both women and men.

Few things universally suit all styles and preferences, but duck boots are one of those items. They are stylish, practical, and comfortable and are a wardrobe staple for just about everybody.


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