Are Down Filled Jackets Warm/Good for Snow/Good for Winter/Waterproof?

Are Down Filled Jackets Warm/Good for Snow/Good for Winter/Waterproof?

So you’re thinking of buying a down jacket but are wondering if it will work for you and your lifestyle. Will it be warm enough? Will it be suitable for snow? What if it gets wet? Down jackets and coats can be great in the winter, but you'll want to choose the right one for the job. So let’s learn about your options with down.

Are Down Jackets Warm?

In a word, yes. But there is a lot more to it than that. Down jackets and coats are made from goose down, the underlayer of feathers that keep geese warm. This is why down is naturally both warm and lightweight. Down coats are made up of lots of pouches filled with goose down. This enables the coat to retain heat within the pouches, making for exceptional insulation without the weight of a traditional wool coat. Have you ever hung up a full-length wool coat? It’s amazing how heavy they are. They require good quality hangers because lightweight hangers can sag or even break under the weight. Not so with down coats! They are easy to carry, hang, pack, and store

When considering a down coat, think about how cold it will get where you intend to wear it. Not all coats are created equal, but don’t worry — at Lands’ End, we have you covered regardless of what your winter plans entail. Be sure to read the temperature ratings on any coat that you are considering buying. The manufacturer should indicate this clearly as we do. A coat that is comfortable even when it gets down to zero degrees Fahrenheit may sound warm, but if you live in Chicago or Minneapolis or plan to vacation somewhere extra cold, there will be days when you’ll want a coat that can handle actual subzero temperatures.

Don’t Overlook the Option of Packable Down

Whether you live in a warm climate and are going somewhere cold or just want to stash that down jacket or coat in the car in case you need it, packable down coats are great. They are warm, lightweight, and can be compressed into a pocket-sized packet. Seasoned travelers love packable down for this very reason. Just don’t keep it packed away into a tiny container all the time; when your packable down is not in use, hang it in the closet like you would any other jacket or coat. This will help to keep the loft of the down fluffy for years to come. Over time, packable down that is left tightly compressed will lose its loft, making a flatter, thinner coat that doesn’t retain heat like it did when it was new.

What Happens if Your Down Jacket or Coat Gets Wet?

Most down coats are made with water-repellent fabric, so they can withstand some rain or snow and be just fine. At Lands’ End, our down coats and jackets feature HyperDRY™ down, which is treated to be both water-resistant and fast drying. For winter sports or for exposure to heavy rain, consider our Squall or Expedition parkas. They have waterproof shells that take comfort to an entirely new level. So whether you’re shoveling snow, running into the grocery store in a chilly downpour, or skiing the slopes with friends, don’t be afraid of getting your down coat wet. Just make sure to choose the right down coat for the situation.

Keep the Kiddos Warm and Dry with Down

If you have little ones, you know how important it is to keep them warm and dry in the winter. Kids don’t just play outside when the weather is mild, and snowy days are indeed a winter wonderland for them. In addition to walking and running on playgrounds and making snowmen, your little ones are likely to be rolling around in the snow and having the time of their lives doing it. So keep them cozy this winter while they play with an excellent down coat, snow pants, snow boots, a winter hat, and winter gloves.

Of course, playing in the snow is for children of all ages, so get out there yourself! Catch some snowflakes on your tongue, go sledding, make a family of snow angels, or make a snowman. You’ll love making wintertime memories together. Make sure to keep some dry towels near the door that everyone will be piling in from once playing in the snow is done for the day. And don’t forget the cocoa. There are few things cozier than getting wet winter gear off, drying off, and sipping hot cocoa while you snuggle under blankets in front of a fireplace.

Enjoy a wonderful winter with a down jacket or coat! Shop Lands’ End for plenty of options to keep you warm and comfortable all season.

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