Are Down Comforters Warm?

Are Down Comforters Warm?

Down comforters are a versatile type of bedding that can work for every season. These comforters are warm — just how warm depends on the type you choose. Keep reading to learn more about shopping for a down comforter for winter and how to layer it with other bedding items.

Types of Down Comforters

Down comforters come with different fill powers, which affects the loft and warmth. For example, a 700 fill power comforter is warmer than one with a 550 fill power. Higher fill powers are good for fall and winter, while lower ones are comfortable during warm spring and summer months. You could have a light-down comforter for spring and summer and a heavier one for fall and winter.

Some down comforters have internal baffle boxes to keep the fill evenly distributed. If you want a comforter with a luxe touch, choose one with sateen ticking. Corner ties are a handy feature that most Lands’ End’s comforters have; they keep your comforter secured to the duvet cover to prevent it from shifting around. Most duvet covers have a zipper closure, which also keeps the comforter in place.

There are down comforters rated as hypoallergenic by the International Down and Feather Lab, which means they’re unlikely to aggravate allergies. The down and feathers are washed multiple times to remove dust and odor, plus they’re ethically sourced through a supply chain that meets Responsible Down Standards (RDS).

Another option for your bedroom is organic cotton down comforter. There are box-quilt comforter styles for a vintage look, which have 600 fill power for all-season use. You can layer this comforter with flannel sheets in fall and winter, and for even more warmth, a coverlet can be added over the sheets. In spring and summer, pair this comforter or one like it with Supima cotton or Belgian flax linen bed sheets for cool comfort.

Synthetic Down Comforters

If you want the warmth and loft of down without the feathers, consider a PureLoft™ comforter. The fill is synthetic microfiber, which mimics the look and feel of down. When compressed, this material has excellent rebound and re-fluffs quickly. PureLoft™ comforters have box stitching to keep the fill in place, just as you’ll find with down comforters. They’re also equipped with ties for attaching them to your duvet cover. These comforters come in a wide range of colors. Although duvet covers are easy to clean and recommended to protect against spills, you don’t have to use one with this type of comforter. When it comes to selecting a color, you can’t go wrong with a neutral color like white, gray, or flax. There are navy comforters and those in soft pastel hues. Match your comforter to drapes in the same shade for a well-coordinated look.

As with down comforters, synthetic down comforters layer well with other bedding items. In the warm months, you might only need cotton sheets and a lightweight comforter. When it’s cold, layer your bed with flannel and an extra blanket. Drape a fleece throw along the foot of the bed for a cozy look; these blankets are also great for midday naps or reading sessions in your favorite armchair.

There are also Supima cotton comforters. They’re a good option if you want a lightweight, easy-care comforter that’s made from a natural material but doesn’t contain any down or feathers. Supima cotton is grown in the USA, and it represents 3% or less of the country’s cotton production. The long-staple fiber of this cotton species is twice as durable as regular cotton. It’s also colorfast, so your Supima cotton bedding stays in vibrant, like-new condition longer.

Other Winter Bedding Essentials

Down and synthetic down comforters are just one type of bedding to consider for your home. Sheet sets are also must-have items, whether you prefer cotton percale, linen, or flannel. Each fabric has its own advantages — percale is light and sturdy, with a tight weave that holds its shape. Then there’s linen, which is an excellent fabric for sheets because it has temperature-regulating properties for use in every season. Flannel sheets are a cozy choice for fall and winter; they come in many styles, including festive holiday motifs.

If you’re also shopping for a new mattress, there are plenty of options from which to choose. As with down comforters, some mattresses and mattress pads have cooling properties and are made with organic materials. They come in varying levels of firmness, so you can find one that suits your needs.

You can’t go wrong with a down comforter, whether you prefer one filled with feathers or synthetic microfiber. To give your comforter a fresh new look, all that’s required is a change of the duvet cover. Refresh the rest of the room with a grouping of throw pillows, a new accent rug, and a few decorative accents.

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