Are Coverlets Warm?

Are Coverlets Warm?

Cold weather season is upon us, and we all know what that means: layers, layers, and more layers. From layered sweaters and jackets to multiple throws on your sofa to the plushiest bedding, layers are the key to hitting that perfect cozy factor in your home. Coverlets are kind of like throw pillows: you can switch them out during different seasons to make your home feel like it matches the autumnal transition or the wintry hideaway where days spent outside just make you want to get back to a warm fire while wrapped in fleece or down.

What is a Coverlet?

First things first: what’s a coverlet anyway? We all know the friendly duvet cover paired with its duvet, making for easy washing and switching out during seasonal changes. The quilt, the coverlet’s big sister, is usually a weightier cover used as a top layer for a bed or as décor thrown over a decorative ladder. A coverlet is somewhere in between a duvet and a quilt. It’s a great mid-layer blanket, sometimes a few layers of fabric stitched like a quilt or a tightly woven fabric, and usually washable. Read on to learn more about how to use coverlets to keep you warm and keep your home in seasonal style.


The best place to use a coverlet is in the bedroom. To set the scene, start with some flannel sheets. Since the holidays are upon us, be sure to pick out a pattern that complements the festivities to come. Go for a rich red multi plaid or a classic black and white buffalo check. With the warmth of the flannel between the fitted and top sheet, you’ll only need a mid-weight coverlet to keep you comfy the whole night through. Our matelassé coverlet in soft or bright white will do just the trick. The tightly woven crisscross pattern is beautiful and elevates your bedding to a sophisticated finish without compromising softness or peaceful sleep.

If you want to add some further luxury, check out the organic cotton matelassé coverlet. It pairs beautifully with our velvet flannel sheets in alabaster artisan floral or ivory coastal Christmas. Throw pillows add some more flair to go with the coverlet—a contrasting pattern like pom poms, a chindi print, or a seasonal green and white buffalo plaid adorned with Christmas trees makes the coverlet stand out. Let the coverlet do all the work or toss a sherpa fleece throw blanket in rich burgundy, deep-sea navy, or rich steel at the foot of the bed for some added warmth throughout the night if the temperatures drop more than anticipated.

Living Room

Another great location to use a coverlet is in the living room. Pick out a twin-size coverlet and either hang it elegantly off the back of your sofa or pick out a decorative wall ladder to hang it together with family heirloom throws and quilts. It will blend your cherished antique homewares with a modern aesthetic. Then, when you want it for snuggling with your other half (dog or human!), it’s a perfect weight to keep you warm without overheating. Our cotton coverlets are that perfect Goldilocks of blankets: not too hot, not too cold. Just right.

While you’re on the sofa, throw on some cozy socks and some women’s thermals. Our Thermaskin heat thermals are ideal—and they don’t have to be boring. Check out the burnt caramel leopard print for the maximum in sass and style. Stretch out in your animal print comfy loungewear and cabin slipper socks. You’re all prepped for the ultimate in relaxation while you sip hot chocolate and watch the latest Christmas movies on Lifetime. It’s a perfect evening.

Other Fun Ways

Coverlets do double duty, too. If you’re not cozied up under one on the couch, let the kids use it to build a fort. They can pretend it’s an igloo, draping it over chairs and ottomans. Underneath, they can layer throw pillows and even the dog’s bed. You can sit back and watch the kiddos do their thing and leave you to your reading. And the best part? When they’re all done and have cleaned up (because you’re the mom and they know you mean business), they can fold up the coverlet and store it in one of our storage baskets that’s great for safekeeping and protect the coverlet from snags.

Versatility Galore

In short, a coverlet is highly versatile. It is best suited to be used with other linens and accessories like throw pillows and throw blankets. On your bed, it serves as a beautiful top cover adorned with pillows and patterned sheets, or it can be the mid-layer underneath a quilt to keep you additionally insulated during a long winter’s night. Or it’s just a beautiful piece for a living space that you use when you need it and keep safe when you’re not. However you use it, it’s the ideal addition of warmth for chilly days and nights.

Coverlets cover you perfectly whenever and wherever you need them!

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