Are Capri Pants Out of Style?

Are Capri Pants Out of Style?

Asking if capri pants are out of style is akin to asking if a bateau neckline or A-line dress is out of style. These are classic designs that will literally never go "out". They may trend or recede, but will always be available in one form or another, with devotees wearing them regularly. Capri pants were introduced in the late 40s and popularized in the 50s and 60s by Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Mary Tyler Moore. Traditionally, capri pants refers to slim-cut pants that fall around mid-calf, but the definition colloquially has expanded to include all silhouettes, from leggings to palazzos, and any length that is too short for shorts and too long for trousers. You might hear capri pants called crops, pedal pushers or clam-diggers, which each have their own specifications but do fit under the umbrella term of "capris".

You cannot imagine a scenario in which you go to your favorite clothing store or website and cannot find a pair of capris or crops. They are available every year, just as shorts and pants are. The cut may differ a bit from year to year, and prints or colors might go in and out of fashion, but the idea of capris is now deeply embedded in American fashion, like women's jeans and T-shirts. Capri pants are definitively not "out of style," and never will be.

Fresh Looks Starting with Capri Pants

Do you remember your mother or grandmother wearing earlier iterations of capri pants and think that there's no way you should be wearing them, too? Do you feel like you've been wearing capris forever so they must be passe? If you are asking yourself if capri pants are out of style, perhaps you are ready for a shake-up in how you style your crops and capris. There are many contemporary ways to style capris that will feel fresh and exciting even if you have been wearing capri pants off and on for your whole life! (Also, it sounds like your mother or grandmother had beautiful taste!)

* Extend the season of capri pants by selecting a pair in wool or corduroy and wearing them through autumn and early winter. It's an unexpected look, is comfortable for in-between weather, and shows off cute loafers.

* Pull out your capri pants in very early spring. You can style them with a women's sweater or T-shirt and blazer, and super-trendy low block heels for the office or running errands. It's a way to welcome warmer weather while you keep warm.

* Capri pants show the tiniest bit of extra skin, so you might consider a pair in denim for date night or a pair in silk shantung for evening wear. Pair these options with fabulous shoes, dressy tops and glitzy accessories for maximum glamour.

* When it's hot out, consider "boyfriend cut" capri pants with a cropped shirt -- cropped shirts are not just for teenagers any more, and you can embrace the silhouette while wearing a trim tank underneath for modesty if that is your preference.

* Consider capri pants in swimsuit material as beachwear! Terrific women's swimwear pieces are now available in the style of capri pants, which can function as a cover-up or as the ultimate sun-protection piece in the water.

Capri pants are not out of style. If you are thinking about eschewing capri pants for the sake of fashion, rest assured that capris are firmly within the realm of timeless classics, and with the right styling will look fabulous on women of any age for many years to come.


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