Are Board Shorts for Swimming?

Are Board Shorts for Swimming?

Once you decide that you like the fit and style of board shorts, you may find yourself asking if they will be good for swimming, as well. The good news is that board shorts can be used for swimming, though they may provide a different look and feel.

What are Board Shorts?

Board shorts were originally designed for surfing enthusiasts who were looking for a longer option that would allow them to maneuver the way they want to on their boards, provide them with the coverage they need, and protect their legs from the movements they make while on the board.

The design of board shorts includes a longer length with a drawstring waist and typically a hook-and-loop front fly closure. They are most often made of smooth polyester or nylon, so they are appropriate to use in water. They are breathable and provide coverage without restricting movement. This makes them a great choice for surfing, wakeboarding, and beach volleyball.

Benefits of Board Shorts

There are many benefits to choosing board shorts as your preferred option for swimwear. One of the most important benefits for water sports enthusiasts and those who prefer to be active on the beach is the fact that board shorts do not restrict leg movement in a way that mesh-lined swim trunks do. As a result, wearers can execute complicated movements without being limited by their attire.

Another benefit of board shorts is the fact that they are less likely to ride up when performing intense movements such as wakeboarding. They can also help prevent skin irritation when you are spending long days on the water, whether you are surfing, swimming, fishing, or boating.

The length of the board shorts also makes them a popular option for sun protection swimwear . Most board shorts cover the knee or fall just above it, protecting more of your skin from harmful UV rays. The additional length also makes them look more like shorts than swim trunks do, allowing you to wear them straight from the beach to get something to eat or run into the store.

The material that board shorts are made of is extremely breathable and designed to absorb perspiration. This means they are great at keeping you cool during long days at the beach. Another added convenience in the design of board shorts is that they often come with pockets that make it easier to keep personal belongings, such as keys and board wax, within easy reach.

What are Swim Trunks?

Any male swimwear that is not formfitting like briefs is often referred to as swim trunks. Swim trunks will often feature an elastic waistband that makes them easy to slip on and off. They also have a mesh insert that provides extra protection and support (similar to briefs) while staying breathable to keep your body cool and water out of your trunks.

The extra support of swim trunks helps to protect from the rapid leg movement that occurs while swimming, allowing you to focus on your swim technique instead of being worried about injury. Swim trunks are made with a quick-drying material that is designed to prevent chafing when moving around in the water.

Benefits of Swim Trunks

There are many benefits to choosing swim trunks as your preferred form of beach attire. First, the netting included in the swim trunks means that you will not have to wear anything else under them to provide support. The netting is also designed to maximize circulation, keeping you cool and allowing your trunks to properly dry. The extra netting can give the swim trunks a more streamlined look, covering anatomical features more smoothly – which you may find particularly appealing when you're spending the day at a public beach.

The design of swim trunks can also prove more comfortable for some. Because the cut is closer to the body, swim trunks that fit well can be extremely comfortable and make you feel like you are wearing less. As a result, they may be a better option for those who prefer lightweight attire during more intense swimming sessions.

So Which is the Better Option for Swimming?

The option that is best for swimming will largely depend on what type of swimming you do. If you swim for fun and as part of water sports activity, then the look, feel, and maneuverability of board shorts may better suit your needs. If you are a more intense swimmer, spending most of your time swimming laps or using different competitive swim techniques, the closer design and extra support of swim trunks may provide for a better overall swim. Both options will work for swimming at a lake, at the beach, or in a chlorinated pool.

If you are the type of person who prefers the style, design, and feel of board shorts, then you'll be happy to know they are perfectly suited for any type of water activity.


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