Are All Flannels the Same Quality? How to Tell the Good vs. the Bad Flannels

Are All Flannels the Same Quality? How to Tell the Good vs. the Bad Flannels

Flannel clothing has long since been an essential staple for anyone who works outdoors. However, it’s no surprise that flannel has become cemented as an iconic fashion piece that belongs in everyone’s wardrobe, from the sophisticated urbanite to the rural farmer, regardless of age or gender. Most people love a good flannel shirt or delightfully cozy flannel sheets, but how can you tell the flannel you are thinking of buying is actually good quality flannel? In this post, we will take a look at how you can invest in better flannel pieces.

Pay Attention to What The Flannel is Made of

The first thing you want to look for when you are shopping for high-quality flannel is what the flannel material is made of. When you are feeling uncertain about flannel choices, nothing beats 100% cotton flannel. This doesn’t mean you can’t find a good quality flannel made with synthetic materials or blends; you just want to pay attention to what those synthetic materials are. For example, some brands blend fabrics like wool or polyester, but as we just mentioned, when you are feeling uncertain, stick to 100% cotton.

Evaluate The Weight

Generally, you want flannel shirts and flannel jackets that are a bit weightier, especially if you plan to wear the flannel as a jacket. Flannel is a quintessential outerwear piece for a blustery fall day or an early spring morning. A high-quality flannel shirt won’t be as heavy as a jacket but shouldn’t be flimsy or too lightweight as a shirt. You should notice that it still has some heft to it when you take it off the hanger. Finally, take note of the texture and loft of the flannel shirt you are thinking of buying; the key is to focus on products that are durable yet soft. Anything that is too soft is likely made with poor, cheap materials (such as fleece made of recycled plastic).

Consider Its Structure

How the flannel is made and the structure of it is very important when determining if the product is high quality. After assessing the fabric, look at any hardware the shirt has. Steer clear of flannel shirts built with a zipper or plastic buttons (both are things that could damage the fabric and break off easily). Instead, focus on flannel shirts that have sturdy snaps on the front. It also helps if it has pockets and cuffs with strong snaps too. Next, assess the collar and cuffs of the flannel shirt. They should be fairly rugged, but comfortable with strong stitching. Look at the inside of the shirt too, because well-made flannel shirts will be noticeably carefully tailored. Well-stitched flannel shirts will ensure the seams are tighter and more durable and thus, able to last you longer.

Try It One

After carefully evaluating the fabric and the structure of the shirt, it’s time to try it on. You won’t ever really know how well-made a flannel shirt is until you try it on. Once it’s on and buttoned up, notice whether or not it conforms to the shape of your body comfortably or if it feels rigid, boxy, and shapeless. The flannel shirt should have a full look to it, even without layers underneath.

Will It Face?

Denim products, like skinny jeans, are designed to fade over time after wearing them repeatedly; flannel is not supposed to be like this. Well-made flannel will maintain its vibrant color even after lots of wear, use, and washing. This is why it is so important to look for flannel shirts that are tough and designed to last. This might mean paying a little more to invest in a high-quality flannel rather than something cheaper that will deteriorate quickly.

Shopping For Other Flannel Products

We have talked a lot about what you need to look for in order to find long-lasting, high-quality flannel shirts. However, we all know that isn’t flannel’s only use. Many products are made with flannel, ranging from bedsheets to scarves, to blankets. If you are thinking of purchasing a flannel blanket, you should carefully evaluate the product the same way you would a flannel shirt. Flannel blankets are designed to provide lots of heat insulation and durability, making them a great blanket choice for a winter camping trip. In addition to providing heat simulation, flannel blankets are breathable and lightweight, so they are great to have when you are traveling.

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