A Guide to Matching Your Nail Polish to Your Outfits

A Guide to Matching Your Nail Polish To Your Outfits

When piecing together a tasteful and stylish look for any occasion, every detail — from the fabric of the clothing you choose to the way you style your hair and makeup to how you accessorize — is important. And if you are the type of woman who loves a good manicure, your nail polish will also play a role in the look of your outfit. If you are looking for ways to properly match your nail polish with your outfits, look no further. In the post below, we will take a look at a few ways to enhance your look by matching your polish with the rest of your outfit.

Go Monochromatic With Your Nails and Your Outfit

If you like to keep things simple but still create an incredibly stylish look, stick to the same color or different shades of the same color. If you are wearing an all-black outfit, whether it’s for a casual event (think black denim jeans, a black tall tank top, black jacket, and black shoes) or formal event (think a little black dress), keep with the all-black theme by painting your nails black too. If you are wearing a gray dress or a gray midi skirt with a white blouse, stick with gray or silver polish or go for the timeless French manicure with white tips. Trying to achieve an iconic Hollywood glam look? Stick to beige linen pants, a white top, and polish your nails with a natural nail color or a cream.

Stick to Basics

If you want a nail polish color that is versatile and will pair nicely with virtually all the outfits in your wardrobe, then don't stray too far away from the classics. Think various shades of red, pink, and nude. All of these colors are timeless and nicely accentuate the rest of your outfit. The same can be said for the French manicure, which can effortlessly go with any outfit.

Match Your Polish With Your Accessories

Who says you have to stick to matching your nail polish with your clothing? Why not match the color of your polish to the color of your accessories? If you decide to wear cute dangly red or blue earrings, paint your nails red or blue. If you wear a gold statement necklace, go for gold-hued nail polish. If you have a multi-colored accessory scheme, such as jewelry that is vibrantly colorful or even a bit tropical, have your nails painted in several different colors that match your accessories instead of just one.

Explore Autumn Hues for Your Nails and Outfit

The fall season provides one of the best times of the year to experiment with different, dramatic nail polish colors that nicely complement the rest of your outfit. Dark reds and purples, burgundy, and brown tones are classic nail polish colors that are especially stunning during the fall, and they can beautifully accent a soft, beige cashmere turtleneck and the rest of your fall wardrobe.

As a general rule of thumb, if you are going to be wearing a fall outfit with lighter neutral colors, opt for a nail polish that is moodier and darker. Alternatively, if you are piecing together a fall outfit with darker hues, switch it up by opting for nail polish that is lighter and softer, like a cream color or light brown. Of course, if you are in a festive mood and celebrating such holidays as Halloween and Thanksgiving, you can always throw the style “rule book” out the window and decorate your nails with bright orange hues and funky Halloween designs.

Try Color Blocking

Color blocking has increasingly become a popular manicuring choice, especially among those who love getting their nails done regularly and love trying new styles and colors. Color blocking just means polishing nails with contrasting colors, like blue and green or red and purple. If you love making splashy fashion statements and are not afraid to try new things, add more flair and dimension to your outfit by color blocking your nails.

Depending on the color and style of the nail patterns, you could match this look with any outfit that contains prints whether they are animal, floral, plaid, or something else. Alternatively, if you are planning to wear a print outfit, like a colorful plaid blazer and dress pants, you could have your nails painted in one solid, neutral color to add a subtle enhancement to your entire appearance.

Whether you constantly look for new ways to accentuate your outfit with your nails or you are new to experimenting with nail and outfit combinations, remember there is no limit to how you can mix and match. Study the fashion moves of your style icons to see what they do, take some pointers from the advice we outlined above, and use your own personal style sense to create stunning looks.


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