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A Guide to Buying the Best Swim Water Shoes for Adults

Whether you are going for a swim, hike, kayaking, or a stroll down the beach, having the right pair of swim water shoes can make all the difference for the comfort and protection of your feet. Water shoes are some of the most versatile and functional shoes out there. Especially in the warm summer months and when we are spending a lot of time outdoors, water shoes are there for almost any occasion. If you are spending your time swimming, playing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or tubing, you will find that unparalleled protection in a pair of good water shoes.

Swim shoes have come a long way since their bulky beginnings. Today, one might even call them stylish with their sleek designs, lightweight materials, amazingly comfortable feel, and all their high-tech features. Many swim shoes now offer thermal protection, water drainage, and underfoot traction.

Despite how great they are, water shoes are not a one-size-fits-all affair. Choosing what type of water shoes works best for you is highly dependent on what you plan to be using them for. With all of the available features and styles, it is easy to find yourself wondering which pair would be perfect for you. For that reason, we have compiled a guide to buying the best adult swim shoes. 

Mesh Shoes

This style of water shoe looks like a cross between a sneaker and a wetsuit bootie. Often made primarily of quick-drying and breathable mesh, this sleek and minimalist style typically slips on and off. Wear this style of shoe with your swimsuit to go for a run along the beach without worrying about getting your feet wet or compromising on support. Lightweight, breathable, and design-conscious, this style of water shoe is highly functional without compromising on look or comfort. 

Athletic Water Shoes

Athletic water shoes look like running sneakers. If you are a runner or like to spend the summer months hitting the trails, wearing these will feel great when you accidentally slosh through a puddle or have to tiptoe through a stream. These shoes are designed to perform daily activities on land or in the water while providing maximum comfort, support, and protection. Often made of breathable mesh and held on by regular laces, this style of water shoe is stylish and practical. Lightweight, quick-drying, and functional, it is great multi-purpose footwear that is savvy on both terrains and in water. 

Strapped Shoes

Sieve water shoes look like very strappy high tech womens sandals. To some, they may appear quirky, but they are some of the best water shoes out there for activities such as trails, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, or running. They are often closed-toed for ultra protection while being webbed around the rest of the shoe for quick-drying, ventilation, and drainage. These shoes can encounter the wildest of conditions on land and in the water. 

Surf and Wetsuit Shoes

If you plan to wear your water shoes mostly in or around the water or for water sports, then perhaps a surf shoe or a wetsuit bootie is the best for you. Pull these shoes on like a sock for protection while surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surfing, or just swimming in a rocky lake. Wear these with a rash guard and you will be perfectly prepared for an array of water sports and activities. 

Other Elements

When choosing water shoes there are some important elements to consider. First of all, the material. Be sure your swim shoes are primarily made of skin-friendly materials such as mesh, rubber, textile, and leather. The soles of the shoes are typically built with rubber to enhance shock absorbency and support while the upper part of the shoe comprises of mesh. Mesh is important as it is breathable, quick-drying, and holds your feet snug without pinching them. Fit is another important aspect of water shoes. Like an ill-fitted pair of men’s swim trunks that slide off after one big wave, losing your water shoes is just as depressing. Check that your shoes fit snugly, but still allow for breathability. Shoes that are snug-fit will also less likely cause blistering and irritation when wet. Your water shoes should feel like a second skin. Traction is the last important element to look for when choosing a pair of water shoes. Be sure the sole is rubber and offers enough traction to keep you safe and balanced for all of your activities.  

Water shoes are incredibly multi-purposed, useful, practical, and are much better than plain sandals for your outdoor adventuring. They will keep your feet protected and comfortable while still looking stylish all summer long. 


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