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9 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Resort

No matter what your reason is for having a staycation, there are lots of advantages and benefits to spending some time relaxing and recharging at home. One way to uplift and refresh yourself is by making your home feel as resort-worthy as your favorite vacation spot.

Dream Away

Planning on spending some hard-earned time off at home? Your home is your haven, and it can be a stress-free and relaxing place with a few tips. If your staycation is planned or scheduled in advance, take some time beforehand to dream about your favorite resort is like (or what your ideal one would be). Use pictures of other places to inspire you, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Jot down some notes of what the most pleasing elements are - is it an open, spacious entryway? A beautiful patio to relax and sip drinks? A bedroom or bathroom oasis with a tropical theme? Anything goes.

Just get a general idea of what matters most to you so you can get started giving your home the resort-worthy feel you deserve. If your staycation is an impromptu one - don’t worry. You can just adapt these tips and get a little creative to add those relaxing touches to your home.

Use Curtains to Create Fresh, Airy Spaces

Curtains are an easy decor change, but one that makes a lot of impact. If you have dark or heavy draperies, considering swapping them out for something more light, fresh, and resort-inspired. Things like sheer or lightweight fabrics, island-inspired colors or pretty tropical prints or nature patterns all look fabulous on curtains and help create a soothing feel. You may also want to consider blackout curtains for areas like bedrooms or media rooms to make them feel more private and relaxing. Although they block light and retain energy, you can find these styles in many resort-like colors and patterns as well.

Change Furniture Around to Open Up Space

If your furniture arrangement is feeling cramped or cluttered, think about rearranging it to make it feel more like a vacation spot. Create small conversation nooks and allow for plenty of walking space in-between furniture. Move furniture away from windows to let in more natural light, and create an easy flow throughout the room that makes it feel more.

Declutter to Reduce Stress

Another simple task that does a long way n revamping your home into its resort-like perfection is decluttering. Sort through decor, miscellaneous everyday items, and even things in your closet to get rid of things that you aren’t using and that don’t make you smile anymore. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and only keep those items that make you happy. Think of a lovely resort - it’s not filled with clutter and unused items. It highlights decorative items that have a relaxing, inspiring feel and has plenty of open space to make it inviting.

Removing the excess clutter can go a long way in creating that sense of lightness and openness you’re craving. Store, toss or find a home for, give away those items that you don’t want sitting out. Then replace decor and functional items for a fresh, new feel.

Refresh With Rugs

Rugs can be a small element, but they are another important way to make a home feel spa-like or vacation-ready. From light or bright patterned rugs for the living areas to personalized doormats to freshen up the entryway, there are many ways to use rugs throughout the home to spruce it up.

Create Breezy Beautiful Bathrooms

Get your bathroom ready to be a relaxing spa with some simple touches. New shower curtains, bathroom rugs, fresh monogrammed bath towels, and some small new decor pieces will instantly transform this functional but vital space. Don’t forget to buy some soothing scented body washes, lotions, and bubble bath products too.

Use Easy Accents to Get a Resort Feel

You don’t have to renovate your entire home to feel like you’re visiting your favorite island. Take a look at some of the main areas of the home and see where you can add some resort-inspired touches. Add some brightly colored throw pillows and throw blankets to the outdoor seating area or the living room. Add some festive, beach-inspired tableware or drinkware to the cabinet to dress up the table and make memorable meals. Add some fun, pretty candles or organization baskets throughout the house for a special touch.

Make the Bedroom Truly Restful

Relaxed mornings that aren’t filled with the hustle and bustle of everyday life are a trademark of a vacation - so get your bedroom ready for a relaxing retreat. Pick up a cozy new mattress pad and fresh bedsheets in crisp white, pretty pastels, or a gorgeous pattern or print. Add colored duvet covers and some great throw pillows for an extra splash of style, too.

Create Your Personal Resort Tote

Get a stylish canvas tote bag and get ready for your staycation retreat by filling it with favorite items you might use at a gorgeous resort. Scented candles, favorite books or magazines, a new swimsuit and cover-up, a new pedicure or manicure kit - whatever will help you to de-stress. Stow it in your bedroom or bathroom so it’s ready to go when the staycation day arrives.

Turn Your Home Into the Resort of Your Dreams

Start planning, and you might just be surprised at how well a few simple touches can transform your home. From refreshing new curtains to soft new sheets, you can get your home resort-ready in no time.


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