6 Ways to Pull Off Comfy Clothes in Public

6 Ways to Pull Off Comfy Clothes in Public

We’ve all been making our first, tentative steps back into socializing, shopping, going on trips, visiting friends and family, and, in some cases, heading back to the office. We’ve gotten used to sticking our heads out our doors to grab packages or deliveries and then ducking back inside, swathed in our favorite sweatpants, tees, and sweatshirts. The time has come for us to go out and enjoy small get-togethers or go shopping in person, and many of us are left wondering what we’re going to wear. Looking more polished can help us feel more confident when we step outside. But, how do we do this and still stay comfortable? Fortunately, we have a few style tips for incorporating comfy clothes into your wardrobe so you can feel great going just about anywhere.

Work From Home Outfits

The first option that comes to mind is to repurpose your work-from-home outfits. Look through the pieces you may have accumulated as you worked from home: stretchy knit pants or capris in clean hues in navy, black, gray, and white; flowy skirts, and breathable button-downs. These are all wonderful options to wear out and about.

Particularly, work from home pants in a knit material will immediately elevate an outfit because of their smooth design. You get all the comfort of a pair of sweats without any added bulk or extra fabric. Pair these pants with your favorite cotton T-shirt and a pair of low-top shoes or sandals, and you’re ready to go. Grab a purse or bag that completes the look for an extra touch of style.

Dresses With Sneakers or Sandals

One of the best things about dresses is that they are breezy and comfortable. Easily pair your comfy dresses with a nice pair of sandals—wedge or flat depending on your preference—and you have an outfit that is ready for a late-night dinner with friends, a weekend brunch, or a quick trip to the store.

Slide into sneakers in classic, crisp white or a fun pair of slip-ons. This simple change gets you ready for a day traversing the city with friends and works wonders when temperatures start dropping. Pair your dress and sneakers with leggings if it really starts getting chilly.

Or, to add pizazz to your look without having to opt for heels, switch out the sneakers for a pair of Mary Janes. This timeless footwear is a good combination of comfort and style.

Stretchy, Comfy Jeans

Stepping out for a quick run to the grocery store or meeting up with friends for lunch? Throw out a pair of stretchy, comfy jeans, also called jeggings. They have all the comfort of leggings with the timeless look of denim.

Don’t want anyone to know they’re not regular five-pocket jeans? Wear a flowy top or tee that covers the waistband, and you’re home-free. Jeggings are an excellent option for days when you want to give the impression that you didn’t just step out in the sweats you’ve been wearing for a while. (We get it. We’ve been there.) Pair these pants with sneakers for a trendy, laid-back look.

Your Go-To Cardigan

Once the weather starts getting chillier, whether you’re dining outside or going to a friend’s house for a nighttime get-together, cardigans, wraps, and scarves are your best friends. They give off a much less casual feel than a hooded sweatshirt, and sometimes even a crew sweatshirt, and are easy to take on and off if temperatures fluctuate. Moreover, the flowing design of wraps and cardigans creates a smooth, polished appearance. Try out a more fitted cardigan for an equally casual yet stylish outfit.

Playful Patterns

If all of this sounds good, but you like to mix things up and stand out from the crowd, spice up your favorite outfit with a new pattern. Florals, bright colors, stripes, and more can add a touch of personality to your wardrobe.

Choose a floral tee to layer under a monotone cardigan or a pair of stretchy jeans in a color other than classic blue. Sneakers are also an easy way to add a pop of color to your outfit. Pair them with neutral tones to really make your kicks stand out and catch attention.

When in Doubt, Accessorize

You can never go wrong with accessories. Throw on your favorite comfy cotton shirt, cardigan, knit pants, and sandals, and then add a hat, jewelry, or sunglasses. Headscarves, purses, and bags also offer an eye-catching way to take your outfit from everyday to night out in a heartbeat. Picture the classic movie maiden riding in a convertible with a headscarf, sunglasses, colorful tee, and simple, comfortable pants. It doesn’t take much to add a polished, chic finish to any outfit. In the same vein, add a colorful belt to flowy dresses or wide-leg pants to pull the whole look together.

Whether you love a simple tee and pants combo, a flowing, floral dress, or a comfy cardigan to wrap yourself up in, you have numerous options to look polished and put together when you go out with friends, run to the store, or even for a walk around your neighborhood.

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