5 Ways to Style a Pencil Skirt for Work or Going Out

5 Ways to Wear a Pencil Skirt for Work or Going Out

Since the early 1950s, pencil skirts have been a fashion staple for women. This is all thanks to Christian Dior, who made the pencil skirt a reality to highlight a woman’s natural shape. Many designers will tell you it’s the most flattering skirt out there, and many women agree. Whether worn in the office or during a night out, pencil skirts have a timeless, classy appeal. Ultimately, it’s how you wear it and what you wear it with that pulls the entire look together. Let’s jump right into five ways to wear a pencil skirt for work or for going out.

For Going Out and Dressing to the Nines

Wearing a pencil skirt is a great way to look amazing when you want to go out and celebrate something special, or just simply go out. If you’re of average height or on the tall side, pair a long pencil skirt that reaches just above the ankle with some eye-catching heels or pumps. A skirt with a slit on the side, front or back will help with mobility. If you’re more on the petite side, consider a knee length skirt or one that hits just above the knee. It can also give the illusion of added height. A slim belt with a tucked-in blouse will look amazing with it, whether in a funky print or solid white.

For Going Out in a Casual Setting

While pencil skirts can look quite glamorous, sometimes that’s not the look you’re going for, and that’s perfectly fine. You can make a pencil skirt look casually cool as well. Denim pencil skirts are making their way back on the scene, and they look great with a T-shirt, cropped sweater, or even a turtleneck. Consider the color and style of the denim as well. A distressed denim look can make it look extra casual, while a more crisp, solid-colored denim stays casual but has a more polished look. Add some cool sunglasses and a leather purse to bring the outfit together.

For the Office

We can’t talk about pencil skirts without mentioning wearing them in an office setting. A pencil skirt can make anything look professional — even a simple women’s T-shirt. There are some considerations to make, though, in terms of comfort and durability. After all, you’ll be wearing it for at least eight hours during the day, so you want something that can last with you. Stretchy material will help with this. It should also be wrinkle-resistant, especially if you’ll be sitting most of the day. After all, any woman who has worn a pencil skirt and has had to sit down for even a short amount of time knows what it’s like to stand up with wrinkled fabric. Thankfully, designers have found ways to use a combination of material that combats these types of wrinkles, so that’s something to look for when shopping for a pencil skirt for the office.

From the Office to Happy Hour

If you’re meeting your colleagues after work, you’ll want to make sure your outfit isn’t too formal, but also not too casual. Find a happy medium by transforming your look with some basic essentials. A cropped leather jacket, for example, can take the look from professional to casual easily. Consider relying on some women’s scarves as well. For example, if you wore a blazer during the workday, leave it behind and instead wrap a scarf around your shoulders like a wrap or a shawl, so you look and feel relaxed and comfortable.

Footwear and Pencil Skirts

You may think that what you wear on top with your pencil skirt is all that matters, but the footwear is just as important. When worn with ankle boots, pencil skirts get a more casual look than heels or flats would provide. Plus they’re incredibly stylish and versatile. Forgo hosiery for a nude leg, but consider wearing some no-show socks with your ankle boots. If you want to look more formal, you could always wear a pair of heels and nylons. Don’t be afraid to ensure you don’t sacrifice comfort either. Life takes women everywhere, from dropping the kids off in the morning to the office and then to the gym. Don’t stumble around in heels if it’s going to prevent you from getting things done like a boss during the day.

If your life takes you from an office setting to a casual setting, or vice versa, on a typical workday, a pencil skirt should be a wardrobe staple.


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