5 Ways to Layer with a Cardigan

5 Ways to Layer with a Cardigan

It’s layering season, and cardigans are one of the best items in our closet to incorporate with layers. It’s a great way to extend the warmer days without having to pull the coats out of the closet just yet. While layering is a good tactic when transitioning seasons, it is also a great way to stay extra-insulated and warm all winter long and into the spring. Because of the cardigan’s easy, slip-on nature, it’s the ideal layering sweater. No ruined hairdos or makeup with overhead sweater hassle. Simply slip in your arms, and you’re good to go.

Coming in a remarkable variety and diversity of shapes, sizes, styles, colors, designs, and more, you are certain to find a way to layer your women’s cardigans that works best for you and your style.


One of our favorite pieces to layer under a cardigan is a turtleneck. This cute look keeps you extra toasty while still looking sophisticated and chic. Turtlenecks are a timeless classic that will never fall out of fashion, so you can be assured that your turtleneck will look stylish wherever you go. Cardigans layer great over turtlenecks. The fitted look of the turtleneck that accentuates the shoulders and neckline flawlessly contrasts and balances with the looser and more open fit of the cardigan.

For added warmth, we prefer a women’s cashmere turtleneck sweater underneath a thick cardigan. Feel free to add a layer of thermal beneath the turtleneck to stay extra warm. This is a perfect look for socializing outside with friends and family, going to a fall or winter-themed soirée, working in a cold office, or even just hanging out at home or running errands without reaching for the winter coat.

Crewnecks, V-Necks, and Scoop Necks

Crewnecks, v-necks, and scoop necks are ideal for wearing under a cardigan. Whether you are wearing a plain long-sleeved shirt or a sweater, it is simple and stylish to throw a cardigan over it. Wear a long-sleeved cotton scoop neck shirt with a women’s cashmere cardigan for an effortless look that is sophisticated, practical, and timeless. The cashmere cardigan will pair nicely with a cotton shirt, and the openness of the cardigan will accentuate the loveliness of whatever neckline you love most.


A women’s blouse is a key go-to item for most women during any time of year. For late summer and early fall, stick with the cotton blouse. However, when cooler weather comes around, switch to a silk blouse, which will pair well with soft materials such as cashmere and alpaca.

Earth tones are in. Wear an earth or neutral tone silk blouse under a cashmere or alpaca wool cardigan for a succulent and luxurious look. For an added layer, wear a tank top or undershirt beneath the blouse. If temperatures are likely to drop at some point, opt for an oversized wrap cardigan with a tie belt so you can envelop yourself up in a silky cashmere layered heaven.


One of the best layering tricks is to add something thermal below anything you’re wearing. For those especially cold winter days, or if you’re socializing in the backyard into an autumn evening, wearing a thermal top beneath your cardigan will keep you especially warm. Thermals are often made of silk blends, which make them lightweight, warm, and soft to wear against the skin.

Women’s thermals are ideal for layering and can fit under most anything as the base layer. Wear a thermal shirt under your shirt of choice, and layer with a cardigan on top for a classic cold-weather ensemble. No one will even be able to tell that you’ve got a thermal layer underneath it all!

Tank Tops and T-Shirts

The easiest and most casual chic way to layer a cardigan is to simply throw it on over your favorite T-shirt or tank top. The perfect solution for late summer and early fall crisp air is a lightweight cardigan, such as a cotton cardigan, to slip over your tank top or T-shirt. It is a great and simple way to layer while still feeling comfortable and looking fabulous.

Keep summery colors alive by pairing a brightly colored or patterned cardigan with your T-shirt or tank top before making the transition to darker or more neutral fall and winter colors. Show off the rest of that summer tan by choosing a white cardigan or shirt.

Cardigans are one of the most versatile and easiest clothing items to layer. Slip one easily on top of most outfits for a great stylish look with extra insulation. Get ready for the season by planning your cardigan layering skills so you can feel warm and wonderful all winter long.


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