5 Benefits of Chlorine-Resistant Swimwear

5 Benefits of Chlorine-Resistant Swimwear

If swimming is your sport, or you simply love lounging around by the pool, then perhaps a chlorine-resistant swimsuit is the swimwear technology you’ve been waiting for. Of all apparel, swimwear is subjected to the harshest environments. At the same time, we expect it to fit well and look great each and every time it’s worn. Lycra XLife fabric is one of the best chlorine-resistant swimsuit materials out there. With Lycra XLife swimwear technology, chlorine-resistant swimsuits are designed to withstand the harshness while keeping their shape.

Because swimsuits are often exposed to high levels of chlorine, they can easily wear down faster than we’d like. While the high level of chlorine in pools and hot tubs is great for keeping bacteria growth under control, it’s definitely not great for your swimsuit. If you are a swimmer or love the water, we’ve listed our top five benefits of chlorine-resistant swimwear.

1. Longer Lasting

It breaks our hearts when we find the swimsuit of our dreams only to have it begin to fall apart after a year of wearing it. Unfortunately, this reality is all too true, especially for those who spend a lot of time in chlorinated water. One of the best benefits of chlorine-resistant swimsuits is that they are undeniably longer lasting. Lycra XLife fabric is a patented Spandex that offers excellent chlorine protection and improves swimwear durability over time.

One of the unfortunate parts of a chlorine-affected swimsuit is that it becomes see-through and frayed over time. Being self-conscious about a see-through swimsuit is no fun. Chlorine-resistant swimwear wicks away all your worries by ensuring that the fabric stays opaque and smooth for years to come.

2. Keeps Shape

A place where chlorine-resistant swimsuits really shine through is in the shape department. Say goodbye to the perennial saggy swimsuit, because chlorine-resistant swimsuits keep their shape marvelously, even when exposed to continuous chlorine. Especially with the Lycra XLife fabric technology, slipping straps are a thing of the past. It is common for regular swimsuits to have loosening straps and a stretched-out body over time with high levels of chlorine exposure. However, with chlorine-resistant swimsuits, you can be certain that no matter how many laps you do, your swimsuit will keep its shape. This is especially great news for those women who feel most comfortable wearing shaping swimwear.

Shape is just as important for one-piece suits as it is for bikini bottoms. No one likes the feeling of your bottoms falling down after your last lap. If you like water sports it is particularly important to have a swimsuit you can rely on and feel comfortable and mobile in. A chlorine-resistant suit will ensure your suit stays on and stays comfortable for all your water adventures.

3. Color

There are so many stunning swimsuits out there with gorgeous patterns, colors, and prints. Perfect for your tropical holiday or swims at the gym, these kinds of swimsuits are simply stunning. The problem is that chlorine can often dull the fabulous colors that we love about our swimwear. One of the benefits of chlorine-resistant swimsuits is that the colors do not fade or wash out as they do in regular swimsuits, but instead they keep through many wears and swims in chlorinated water. Colorful one-piece swimsuits are both stylish and gorgeous. Now you can invest in them without worrying that the colors are going to fade with too many swims in the pool.

4. Cost-Effective

Though they are pricier than regular fabric swimsuits, chlorine-resistant swimsuits are actually more of an investment than just a cost. Because the high-tech chlorine-resistant fabrics, like Lycra XLife, are of higher quality and thus more expensive, chlorine-resistant swimsuits tend to reflect that price. However, because chlorine-resistant swimsuits last for much longer than regular swimsuit fabrics, in the long run, you save yourself having to spend money on multiple swimsuits as they wear out by simply investing in one or two high-quality chlorine-resistant swimsuits. These suits are an investment, but like with any good investment, you get a good return on your usage and by saving money on having to buy multiple swimsuits as they get damaged by chlorinated water.

5. More Reliable

Chlorine-resistant swimwear is made of such a high-quality fabric that ensures more reliability than regular fabric swimwear. The strong fibers of the fabric are resistant not only to chlorine, but also to snagging, tearing, pilling, and simple wear and tear. It’s a huge annoyance to snag your swimsuit fabric and leave small tears or holes that you know is only downhill from here. Many chlorine-resistant fabrics are also tear-resistant and can reduce tearing and snagging that comes with regular use. This is because the fabric is made of tougher materials and is built to withstand the many pressures of wear and tear.

As we mentioned above, reliability is especially important for those who engage in water sports or even in athletic competition. Bikini bottoms and women’s swim shorts are often worn for swimming and water sports, and you need to rely on them to stay on and feel comfortable.

Chlorine-resistant swimwear comes with many benefits and is a must-have for those who spend a lot of time in the water.


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