4 Outfit Ideas for an Outdoor Movie Date Night

4 Outfit Ideas for an Outdoor Movie Date Night

So, you have an outdoor movie date night coming up. What fun! Outdoor movie nights have become delightfully popular of late. They are the perfect combination of relaxation and lighthearted entertainment. Let’s look at four different outfit types to create the style and comfort that you crave for your date night.

Comfy Cozy

One of the best parts of an outdoor movie date night is how casual it can be. If you start out with a warm evening, you can wear your favorite shorts and a tank top. Keep a women’s sweatshirt or hoodie with you in case the weather begins to turn. If it stays warm, you can always roll it up and use it as a pillow.

Fleece is an obvious choice for a cozy evening of movie watching under the stars. Whether that means a full fleece ensemble or a jacket, wrap yourself in softness while celebrating good times. A casual dress is another great choice. You can enjoy the occasion while looking beautiful and feeling light and breezy. Bring along your favorite women’s cardigan for both style and comfort.

A Touch of Romance

Whether you’ve carved out time for a date night with your long-time love or you’re single and going on the adventure of a first date, indulge in a little romance. Think soft fabrics, clothes that flatter your curves, and comfort. Jeans and a cozy sweater are a natural choice. You can go almost anywhere in women’s jeans and a soft sweater while looking and feeling wonderful. Whether your outdoor movie is at a traditional drive-in or someone’s backyard, you will be set for the evening in this ensemble.

Create some ambiance with a picnic blanket, some wine and cheese, and a candle or two. Show a bit of lace for some flirty fun. Or go for the full-scale movie theme with popcorn and soda. Your date will appreciate your thoughtfulness. And don’t forget a fleece blanket in case of cool weather or snuggling!

Pajama Night

This outfit option is both versatile and fun. If you and your partner enjoy an outdoor movie date night on your own patio or in your own yard, you could go for a matching pajama night for the most fun and relaxing movie watching. Or maybe you would rather try this option without the “matching” part. Pajama night does have its limitations for a less private outdoor movie date night, but don’t write it off entirely. It’s amazing how versatile women’s loungewear can be. We live in a society where adults wear pajama pants to grocery stores and airports. A tasteful pair of lounge pants with the right tank top and jacket can look completely appropriate for an outdoor movie date night while helping you to feel completely at ease.

Theme Night

This option can be as simple or detailed as you want. Start by planning a special movie (or finding out what is showing). Is it a mystery? A horror flick? Sci-Fi? What about a movie in a series that you love? Get creative and let your guests or other couples who will be there know in advance what to expect.

Mystery Monday, anyone? Whether it’s a classic black and white film noir or a contemporary who dun nit, why not dress up a bit? A fun hat, pearls for the femme fatale, a fun dress and heels, or a suit for the guys could be just the ticket for an evening to remember.

What about that movie franchise that you love and have seen all of them? Whether it's Star Wars, Marvel movies, Harry Potter, or The Godfather, any prop from the right glasses to a full-out comic-con costume could make it extra fun. If this seems a little over the top, feel free to participate by wearing something demure like a favorite color from the movie or by bringing a themed snack while you let the others go all out.

If you like being scared (a bit), why not opt for a Friday Fright Night? Whether you go for a classic horror film, something so badly made that you laugh all the way through it and know all the lines, or a contemporary horror flick that will scare you right down to your toes, not knowing what is coming around that corner can be great fun. Pair this option with jeans, a flannel top, a scary mask, Halloween treats, and a blanket to snuggle in (or hide under for the super scary parts).

Whatever movie choice and style options you decide, keep them simple and fun. The beauty of an outdoor movie date night is that it’s about spending time with someone special under the stars and getting to kick back and relax. Enjoy!


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