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Land's End founded by Gary Comer, an avid sailor who has a passion for environmental protection and climate change.


Implements a paper recycling program at all U.S. facilities. Items include office paper, catalogs, newspapers and corrugated cardboard.


Begins donating scrap from pant cuffs to charity rather than going to a landfill.


Starts conducting annual assessments of all operations to have a track record against which to measure sustainable success.


Employees create Environmental Steering Committee to investigate all avenues of recycling opportunities at Lands' End.


Begins using 30% post-consumer waste copy paper at corporate offices; 96% of non-catalog paper contains recycled fiber.


Begins documenting and reporting its entire waste stream.


Gary Comer sails through the Northwest Passage on a research vessel studying climate change.


Recycles 100% of used corrugated cardboard.


Begins using corrugated cardboard that contains 45% recycled fiber.


Begins an initiative to reduce overall US catalog paper consumption by more than 50% by sending smaller catalogs to better-defined customer segments based on customer preferences.


Installs motion sensor faucets in all bathrooms to save water.

Places bicycles outside all six buildings on the Dodgeville campus to encourage employees to not use cars for meetings on opposite sides of campus.

Achieves BREEAM certification (LEED equivalent) of new UK distribution facility.


Creates "carpool preferred parking" spots close to the doors of all buildings to encourage employees to carpool to work.

Senior Leadership Team starts "journey towards sustainability" by striving to implement sustainability in three areas: people, processes, and products.

Establishes Lands' Friendly committee – a cross-functional group of employees working to ensure all facets of the business are focusing on green endeavors.

Launches green internal site for employees to act as a resource for employees to share ideas, tips and stories about how to live and work in a sustainable way.

Participates in the first ever "Earth Hour" by having employees from Lands' End locations around the globe shut off all lights for one hour.

Launches a community garden at all three Wisconsin campuses. Employees and their families maintain garden plots, and the vegetables and flowers are used personally, or donated to a local food bank.

Launches Lands' End Canvas brand with in-store fixtures made using reclaimed barn boards from around Wisconsin.


Institutes "green aisles" in call centers, which feature workstations that are paperless – no catalogs, flyers, calendars or notebooks.

Becomes presenting sponsor of Madison's Clean Lakes Festival, which raises money to improve the lakes and waterways of Dane County in Southern Wisconsin.

Awarded first "Green Masters" rating (top 10%) in the state of Wisconsin from the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council for businesses working to improve their sustainability.

A Lands' End employee joins the board of the Wisconsin Sustainability Business Council and the Madison Clean Lakes Alliance.


Runs pilot program studying wind patterns and speeds from dozens of areas on the Dodgeville campus to research the feasibility of installing energy-generating wind turbines.

Achieves EPA Energy Star recognition for fourth of six Dodgeville campus buildings.

Awarded 2nd Green Masters rating from the Wisconsin Sustainability Business Council.


Plans pumpkin patch and orchard, complete with apple, pear, cherry trees – fruit will be used on campus or donated to a local food pantry.

Starts compost project using food scraps, brush, and other compostable products.

Launches sustainability website, installs charging stations for electric vehicles at all buildings on the Dodgeville campus.

Awarded 3rd Green Masters rating from the Wisconsin Sustainability Business Council.


Builds GoGreen Wall in company wellness center to update employees on Lands' End sustainability efforts.

Joins the Sustain Dane 'MPower Champion' program aimed at helping Lands' End achieve five carbon-reducing projects.

Starts partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) by funding the planting of nearly 400,000 trees in two U.S. National Forests.

Publishes first corporate Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Report.

Becomes member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

Awarded 4th Green Masters rating from the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council.

Hosts Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council's 6th annual conference that attracted nearly 300 business leaders from around Wisconsin.


Awarded 5th Green Masters rating from Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council.


Partners with bluesign® to reduce the environmental footprint of textile production.

Plants one millionth tree with the help of the National Forest Foundation.

Awarded 6th Green Masters rating from the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council.


Partners with Martex Fiber, another big step on journey to become a "zero landfill" company.

With the aid of some large Outfitters clients, begins a new initiative to help recycle over 1,000,000 Lands' End products.

Partners with Perfect Earth Project on educational efforts about the benefits of natural, toxin-free techniques for lawn and landscape care that are safe for people, pets, and the planet.

Awarded 7th Green Masters rating from the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council.


Awarded 8th Green Masters rating from the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council.

Launches partnership with Joe Lamp'l, host of PBS's Growing a Greener World and the expert behind @JoeGardener, to educate and encourage people to plant trees on Earth Day by producing informational "how to" videos, and live Twitter chats @LandsEndPR.


Launches partnership with Driftless Area Lands Conservancy to recreate a habitat on the Lands' End campus for the iconic monarch butterfly.