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Breathe New Life

Turning Unused Textiles into Auto Insulation

As part of ongoing efforts to becoming a zero-landfill company, Lands’ End embarked on an innovative recycling program in 2016 that allows us to divert waste from overflowing landfills.

We work with some of our largest customers of Outfitters to send materials and branded clothing that can’t be repurposed to Martex Fiber, a leading textile recycling company whose motto is “No Fiber Left Behind.” Martex Fiber recycles those textiles into post-consumer fiber called “shoddy.” This “shoddy” is used primarily as high-quality noise insulation in autos, but it also can be used as material for acoustics, bedding, home furnishings, knit caps and socks.

So far, we have sent more than 260 tons of unusable materials for recycling. And that's only the beginning. Together, we can work toward a more sustainable future.

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Lands' End clothes can find second lives as rags, cuttings — and even be respun into cotton blend yarns to create new garments.


Whatever can't be directly repurposed can be broken down into reclaimed fibers for use as insulation, cushioning and more.

Martex Fiber

Since 1970, Martex Fiber has used innovation and ingenuity to become a respected leader in textile recycling, providing top-notch services to fabric mills in both North and Central America and the Caribbean. Their 360° recycling process ensures no excess cloth or fiber goes to waste — and is backed up by their zero-landfill, “No Fiber Left Behind” pledge.


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