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Totes: Canvas Bags

Totes: Canvas Bags

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Not quite a purse and not quite a backpack, a canvas tote bag is in a league of its own. Unlike many other bag styles, tote bags offer a certain kind of versatility that seems thus far unmatched. They are designed to be used for a wide variety of reasons and occasions. Plus, the practical benefits and functionality of a high-quality canvas tote bag are countless!

Totes: Canvas Bags

Going to the beach? Packing for a work trip? Heading to the park with the kids? It doesn’t matter where you are going. You should bring a tote bag with you! Whether you are running to the grocery store and need a roomy bag to store your purchased items, or you are jetting off on a week-long romantic getaway with your significant other, a tote bag will serve you well in both scenarios and everything in between.

A canvas tote bag is easily one of the best options for a women’s weekender bag. Our canvas tote bags are made with a super durable cotton canvas material designed to hold up to 500 pounds! The sturdy handles, the zip-up top, and the water-resistant base make this bag perfect for taking with you as a carry-on for a flight or a mid-sized bag for a weekend getaway. Our canvas bags come in different styles with various features. So you can find simple, minimalist bags or tote bags with extra compartments and pockets.

Canvas tote bags are arguably the best bag choice for beach outings too. A canvas beach bag can securely contain all the beach items and accessories you need, including a change of clothes, water shoes, towels, snacks, and more.

You can find canvas tote bags in many colors, prints, and other styles, but one of the most attractive features is the option to customize. A customized tote bag allows you to embroider your initials or anything else you want to put on the bag. This is great for traveling, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing your bag or having it stolen. The customizable feature also makes our tote bags fabulous for gifting. Who wouldn’t love a brand-new, personalized tote with their initials on the fabric?

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