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Women's Plus Size Blue Jeans & Casual Pants

Blue Jeans, Tall Women's Jeans & Straight Leg Blue Jeans

In our women's straight leg jeans, you’ll always find the perfect fit for curling up on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Our plus size blue jeans are available with a generous waist perfect for sipping tea on the couch. And all our blue jeans come in low rise to extra-high rise. So your straight leg blue jeans suit your unique shape as you curl up in your favorite chair to read on a Sunday morning. Petite and tall women’s jeans are made to accommodate your unique inseam, too.

Our women’s straight leg jeans are made for your unique silhouette. So our regular to plus size blue jeans are designed for curvy bodies, and our other blue jeans come in a variety of cuts, and with options for inseam for just-right jeans.

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With our durable straight leg jeans, you can rely on the same comfy fit, one Sunday after the next.

We design our women’s straight leg jeans simply better – so your Sunday favorites are there for you, weekend to weekend. Our plus size blue jeans and other sizes keep their shape, bouncing back beautifully after every wash. And our blue jeans keep their gorgeous deep blue color, too. Regular, tall, plus, and petite straight leg blue jeans won’t scuff along the floor and rip at the cuff. So it’s worth getting our casual pants monogrammed – because they’ll be showing up one Sunday after the other, year after year.
Products 37 - 48 of 66