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Best Women's Coats & Lightweight Travel Coats

Down Coats, Down Parkas, Fleece Coats & Women's Puffer Coats

You’ll find the best women's coats, no matter where you’re headed. There are lightweight travel coats for weekend getaways and longer adventures. We also have fleece coats, puffer coats and other women’s outerwear for everyday. Pair the down coats and other styles from our women’s clothing collection with snow pants for when it’s really cold out and you need to shovel the driveway after a fresh snow.

We make the best women’s coats to fit every body in regular, plus, petite, tall and petite plus sizes – and the coats can be monogrammed for a more personal touch. The lightweight travel and everyday coats are designed with durable materials that pack in lots of warmth with little bulk so you can layer with ease. There are fleece coats designed with anti-pilling and antistatic fibers so the coats look newer longer. And the down coats are made with innovative down that stays dry even when wet so you stay warm on slushy days.

Reach for the best women’s coats for everyday warmth. They’re also great lightweight travel coats for vacations and business trips.

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  • Women's Full Zip Fleece Jacket Women's Winter Coats & Winter Jackets Fleece Winter Coats, Women's Winter Coats & Lightweight Fleece Jackets
    Women's Fleece Vests Winter Fleece Coats & Fleece Jackets Women's Winter Fleece Coats, Fleece Pullover Jackets, Lightweight Travel Coats & Women's Warm Fleece Jackets Look for the right women's fleece coats to match your climate. We make our lightweight fleece jackets for a variety of winters, just check out our temperature ratings to find your favorite winter fleece coats for your season.

    Our women's fleece coats are so versatile you can wear them from fall through spring. Find lightweight fleece jackets perfect for fall hikes, and layer the winter fleece coats under your favorite parkas for frigid winter days.

    Our women's fleece coats are favorites for many reasons. The lightweight fleece jackets are never bulky so they're easy to pack for weekend trips and easy to move in anywhere in the world. Our winter fleece coats are also super soft inside and out for maximum comfort.

    Easy-wearing, these women's fleece coats are also easy-care. The lightweight fleece jackets resist pilling and static so they look and feel new longer - and we design the winter fleece coats in a variety of sizes so you have a just-right fit.
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  • Women's Ultralight Packable Down Vest Women's Fleece Vests & Lightweight Vests Down Winter Vests, Women's Fleece Vests & Lightweight Warm Winter Vests
    Lightweight Vests, Down Vests & Fleece Vests For Women Women's Vests, Warm Winter Vests, Down Puffer Vests Women's Fleece Travel Vests On snowy days, our women's vests deliver the added warmth you want without the extra heft to slow you down. Our down vests, women's fleece vests and other warm winter vests are expertly built for Wisconsin, ready for anywhere.

    Our women's vests will quickly become your favorites because they're made of only the best materials in designs to fit every body. We have down vests made with down that stays warm even when wet, and our women's fleece vests are brushed inside and out for extra softness.

    Built to last, our women's vests hold up to your busy schedule and look new longer. The down vests have special stitching to ensure minimal leakage of feathers and our women's fleece vests resist pilling.

    You'll reach for these women's vests for everyday and travel. The down vests, whether they're our puffer vests or other styles, are great for weekend ski trips, and our women's fleece vests are everyday wonders for work commutes and running errands.
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  • Women's Ultralight Packable Down Coat With Hood Down Coats & Warm Winter Jackets Women's Down Coats, Warm Down Winter Jackets & Down Vests
    Women's Down Jackets, Down Coats & Warm Winter Vests Women's Lightweight Down Coats, Down Vests, Warm Winter Coats & Women's Travel Jackets Never be cold with our women's down coats designed to keep you warm as you head to work, run errands and travel. We have down vests, too, to wear solo for warmer days, or layer them under your winter coats on the truly frigid days.

    Because our women's down coats and vests are designed for movement, they're never bulky. That means our down vests and winter coats are easy to pack - and layer with all your other warm winter clothes.

    These women's down coats and down vests are also made with special stitching so there's minimum down leakage and maximum warmth, wear after wear. In our women's winter coats and vests, you'll be warm on the coldest days.

    To find the right women's down coats and vests, check out our temperature ratings. That way you get down vests and winter coats to match your climate - and you'll be just the right temp as you commute to work or run errands.
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  • Women's Squall Insulated Waterproof Winter Parka Coat with Hood Women's Parkas & Warm Winter Jackets Women's Parkas, Women's Winter Coats & Best Warm Winter Coats
    Parka Coats & Parka Jackets For Women Women's Parkas, Best Parka Jackets, Down Parkas & Women's Warm Winter Coats We have women's parkas to keep you warm even in the coldest climates. You’ll find down parkas and other best women's winter coats rated by temperature so you’re sure to find the right women’s outerwear for your climate.

    Favorite women's parkas, these warm winter coats are made with the best materials. Look for down parkas that stay warm even when wet, and our women's winter coats resist wind, too, for even cozier outings.

    Made to fit every body, our women's parkas come in a variety of sizes. We also ensure the down parkas have space in all the right spots for ease of movement, so with these best winter coats you can stay active all season.

    Versatile, the women's parkas are perfect for the commute to work. Also pack the down parkas for vacations because the best winter coats are never bulky so you'll still have room for your other favorite clothes.
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  • Women's Squall 3 in 1 Waterproof Winter Long Coat with Hood Women's Squall Jackets & Rain Jackets Warm Winter Jackets, Women's Winter Coats & Rain Coats
    Squall Coats, Rain Jackets & Women's Rain Coats Squall® Jackets, Rain Jackets, Squall Coats & Women's Winter Squall Coats Try warm Squall® jackets at Lands’ End, and have the warmest women's winter coats that are rugged and comfortable. We also have rain coats with sealed seams so the rain jackets block the wet as you head to work, run errands or go on a weekend trip.

    Our Squall® jackets are versatile so you can layer them over your favorite tops, and under even warmer coats when it's frigid out. The perfect rain coats, the rain jackets will also block wind so you'll stay cozy.

    Wear the Squall® jackets everywhere. Grab the rain coats for commutes to work, and have the rain jackets along when on hikes or out running errands.

    We make our Squall® jackets in a variety of sizes to fit every body. The rain coats also have roominess in key spots so you can keep moving with ease in these rain jackets.
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  • Women's Squall 3 in 1 Waterproof Winter Long Coat with Hood Rain Jackets & Rain Coats Rain Coats & Women's Rain Jackets
    Rain Lightweight Rain Jackets, Rain Coats, Long Rain Coats & Women's Winter Rain Coats With our rain coats, don’t waste time wishing away the rain. Our rain jackets have you covered for spring showers to winter flurries so you don’t have to worry about the weather. You’ll even find winter rain coats with warm insulation to keep the heat in, and all of our short and long rain coats are designed to keep the wet out.

    You'll wear these rain coats everywhere this season. The rain jackets look great with work clothes and keep you warm on the commute, and pack the women's coats for work trips or vacations - and always have a warm, water-repellent layer.

    These rain coats will also be favorites on weekends, whether hiking a favorite trail or running errands. The rain jackets have extra space in all the spots you need it to keep moving with ease in these women's coats.

    Built to last, these rain coats also come in a variety of sizes. We know the best rain jackets fit just-right so you have comfortable women's coats you love wearing, day after day.
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  • Women's Ultralight Packable Down Coat With Hood Women's Travel Coats & Jackets Women's Winter Travel Coats, Lightweight Fleece Jackets & Women's Winter Coats
    Lightweight Coats & Women's Travel Jackets Best Women's Down Coats, Lightweight Fleece Coats, Down Vests & Women's Rain Jackets Remember the best women's winter travel coats when temperatures plummet and adventure calls. We have the best down coats made to stay warm even when wet, and you’ll find lightweight fleece jackets made of cozy Sherpa fleece that doesn’t pill.

    We make our women’s winter travel coats easy-wear and easy-care. Many of the best down coats, lightweight fleece jackets and other women’s outerwear pieces are machine washable and made in a variety of sizes to fit every body.

    Because these women's winter coats are so comfortable, you'll want to wear them everyday, too. The best down coats are essentials on your daily work commute and the lightweight fleece jackets are perfect for camping trips and running errands.

    To find the right women's winter travel coats, check out our reviews for trips from customers like you. The best down coats and lightweight fleece jackets also are rated by temperature so you'll find the right ones for your climate.
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  • Women's Jacquard Sport Knit Blazer Blazers Women's Blazers & Blazer Jackets
    Blazers Women's Wool Blazers, Casual Work Jackets & Sweater Blazers We carry women’s blazers for work or play in many sizes and styles. Check out our blazer jackets, like our women’s wool blazers, for warmth and style while at work. See More
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  • Women's Petite Softest Fleece Jacket
    Women's Petite Softest Fleece Jacket Best Fleece Jackets, Winter Coats & Winter Fleece Jackets
    4.1 (293)
    Read 293 Reviews

    Women's Petite Softest Fleece Jacket, Women's Winter Coats

    Best Fleece Jackets, Winter Coats & Women’s Fleece Coats

    We have the best fleece jackets seamlessly fusing lightweight comfort with the heat you want from winter outerwear. You can layer these winter coats with your favorite crewneck, V-neck and turtleneck sweaters. During milder weather, our winter jackets in fleece can be worn as standalone outerwear pieces. Softer-than-soft, our women's fleece jackets feature double-brushed fabrics that feel cozy, whether you're spending long days in a chilly office or rushing to complete weekend errands.

    With our best fleece jackets, you'll have easy-wearing outerwear for bulk-free layering. These women's winter coats can be worn solo when it's warmer out.

    Petite Fleece Jackets, Winter Jackets, Women’s Fleece Coats & Travel Jackets For the best women's fleece jackets, explore our fleece outerwear collection, which includes winter jackets for easy layering. Our fleece winter coats start with the softest fabrics that are also strong and resistant to pilling, cling and static for comfortable, neat wear.

    With our best fleece jackets, you'll have cozy and lightweight warmth on hand whenever you feel a chill, whether you're indoors or outside. Our winter coats are perfect for skiing adventures with your family, and zip into our winter jackets when you have to run errands on drizzly, snowy or windy days.
    4.1 (293)
    Read 293 Reviews
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  • Women's Print Quarter Zip Fleece Pullover Top

    Women's Print Quarter Zip Fleece Pullover Top

    While weekdays may send us in all different directions, weekends bring us together. Cozy, familiar, warm. These same words could be used to describe our fleece. From brisk fall mornings to cool summer evenings, with winter and spring moments in between, there is always a time for fleece. Our patterned half-zip style loves to layer — over tees and turtles, under a jacket. Or create a favorite duo, pairing it with a down vest. With so many ways to wear it, you’ll be reaching for it every day. (Perhaps a good reason to buy more than one.) 
    4.6 (1110)
    Read 1110 Reviews
    $34.95 $24.97
    $34.95 $24.97
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  • Women's Cozy Sherpa Fleece Jacket
    Women's Cozy Sherpa Fleece Jacket Warm Winter Jackets, Best Fleece Jackets & Women's Winter Coats
    4.5 (25)
    Read 25 Reviews

    Women's Cozy Sherpa Fleece Jacket, Women's Warm Winter Jackets

    Women’s Fleece Jackets, Warm Winter Jackets & Women's Winter Coats

    With our warm winter jackets in ultra-soft fleece, you'll experience unrivaled comfort every time you venture out into the cold. Our women's fleece jackets are made with double-brushed fleece and offer functional features for even more comfort. You'll reach for these women's winter coats before school drop-off and for chilly morning commutes into the office. Our best fleece coats are perfect travel jackets for weekend getaways, business trips and winter family vacations.

    We have warm winter jackets in plush fabrics that will keep you toasty. Our women's fleece jackets are a great choice for layering when temperatures fall below freezing.