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Plus Size Swimsuits & Women's Cute Travel Swimwear

Sporty One Piece Swimsuits, Cute Slimming Swimsuits & Women's Tummy Control Swimwear

Our sporty travel swimsuits suit you perfectly during every stop on your road trips, so you’re comfortable no matter what your size: regular, plus, petite, tall, and tall plus. You’ll never tire of our sporty swimsuits for a quick dip in the hotel pool or hot tub. We design cute swimwear in two-piece styles for mix andmatch fun, and in classic styles for one piece swimsuits you can throw on for total confidence. And our tummy control swimwear is durable – so you won’t have a sagging suit midway through your road trip.

When you bring sporty travel swimsuits with you on a road trip, you’ll enjoy every hotel pool in your cute swimwear. Our plus size swimsuits and other sizes come in every style, and every level of control – so you’re always perfectly suited.

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You can wear our sporty travel swimsuits from season to season, because they’re made with state-of-the-art fabrics for lasting control and style.

Our sporty travel swimsuits put you in the driver’s seat – you decide the level of control. In our plus size swimsuits and other sizes, you’ll have your choice of flattering designs to flow over your curves – or to streamline and shape them. Our cute swimwear has the option for shirring or flowing tops, which gives you a little wiggle room while you relax in a hot tub at a hotel. And our tummy control swimwear is designed to do the opposite, making you feel streamlined while you sneak in a few laps between stops. All our slimming swimsuits are available in regular, plus, petite, tall, and tall plus sizes – so you’re swimming in possibilities.

You can rely on sporty travel swimsuits to last from one road trip to the next, even if every stop has a pool. Our plus size swimsuits and other sizes are simply made better – they’re better designs cut from superior fabrics so you get the same feel, season after season. It’s even worth monogramming cute swimwear when available because it lasts so long – and you’ll get a refined, classic look. Best of all, our tummy control swimwear and other swimsuits are designed with chlorine-resistant material – so at every stop on your road trip, you’ll get the same shape, without sagging.