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School Shorts & Girls' Uniform Chino Shorts

Kids'Uniform Bottoms, Women's Size Cotton Uniform Shorts & Athletic Shorts

We design school uniform shorts with maximum comfort and style for your girls and teens. So our kids’ school shorts are made with elastic backs for little ones, for comfortable wear. And our women’s uniform chino shorts for teens come with a contoured waistband for a better fit. Our athletic shorts are made with moisture-wicking blends to keep her feeling fresh and dry while still staying up to school code. All our cotton uniform shorts come in a variety of sizes to fit every body and age. Get them monogrammed, too, for a classic finish.

We design women’s and girls’ school uniform shorts for comfort. So our kids’ school shorts are made with an elastic waistband for fidget-free school days, and our women’s uniform chino shorts are designed to fit your teen’s shape, too.

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Our women’s and girls’ school uniform shorts are made to last – and their features make them easy to put on during busy school mornings.

With our school uniform shorts, your kids of all ages can rely on the same durable styles all year. Our younger kids’ school shorts come with an adjustable inner waistband – so they grow with your kid. With stain-resistant uniform chino shorts, lunchtime spills are stress-free, too. Our athletic shorts stay fresh all year with our durable blends. Get your girl’s uniform bottoms personalized because she’ll be wearing them so often, it’ll be worth it.

Getting dressed in school uniform shorts has never been easier. Our kids’ school shorts come in a full-elastic waist for less fuss in the mornings. And our uniform chino shorts come in adaptive styles with easy-care, wrinkle-resistant fabric. From our athletic shorts to our dressier uniform shorts, we make just-right sizes so she’ll love wearing them.
Products 1 - 12 of 15