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Men's Brief Underwear & Undershirts

Boxer Brief Underwear, Base Layers & Long Underwear

Our men’s underwear boasts innovative performance features like moisture-wicking and stretch – technology moves fast, and if you haven’t updated your underwear drawer in a while, you’re missing out. Our soft cotton brief underwear is made with only the silkiest ringspun combed cotton to make it more comfortable than any you’ve felt. Try personalizing yours with a custom monogram for a personalized touch. When making our men’s undershirts, we comb the cotton to remove weaker, shorter fibers, leaving only the strongest, softest ones to give you a durable, comfortable undershirt that lasts longer than cheaper rivals. Whether you prefer boxer brief underwear, boxers, or classic briefs, our men’s underwear is always carefully constructed for durability and comfort, so they’re sure to be your new favorites.

Our Comfort First men’s underwear is perfect for busy, active men who are always on the go. From roomy boxers to brief underwear, all our Comfort First men’s underwear is made with flexible stretch fabric to move with your body and features moisture-wicking quick-dry technology to keep you comfortable even while you’re working up a sweat.

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  • Men's Pattern Broadcloth Boxers (3-pack) Bottoms Men's Brief Underwear & Boxers
    Bottoms Boxer Brief Underwear, Monogrammed Underwear & Underwear Packs Update your selection of men’s underwear with soft, ultra-comfortable styles from Lands’ End. Whether you prefer classic brief underwear or roomy men’s boxers, our men’s underwear is carefully constructed using only the finest, most durable materials, so they’re much longer lasting than cheaper rivals. See More
  • Men's Crewneck Undershirt 3 Pack Tops Crewneck T Shirts & Men's V Neck T Shirts
    Tops Cotton Undershirts, T Shirts & Men's Undershirt Packs Our men’s undershirts are made from only the finest materials for maximum comfort and durability. From soft v-neck t shirts to classic cotton crewneck t shirts, our men’s undershirts are better made than cheaper rivals — so why settle for ordinary when you can have Lands’ End! See More
  • Men's Personalized T Shirts Men's Personalized T Shirts Men's Personalized T-Shirts & Monogrammed T Shirts
    Men's Personalized T Shirts Men's Monogrammed T Shirts Monogrammed T Shirts, Personalized Cotton Shirts, Best Cotton Shirts, Long Sleeve Casual Shirts & Men's Customized T-Shirts We design men’s personalized t shirts with added comfort, classic style and durability for casual wardrobe favorites. Our monogrammed t shirts are tailored to suit you best, so you’ll reach for men’s best cotton shirts time and time again.

    The best men’s personalized t shirts, these versatile and distinctive men’s shirts are ready to go any day of the week. And make them monogrammed t shirts, and show off your personal style and enjoy maximum comfort in the best cotton shirts.
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  • Men's Flannel Shirts Men's Flannel Shirts Men's Flannel Shirts & Button Down Flannel Shirts
    Men's Flannel Shirts Flannel Shirts For Men Men's Button Down Flannel Shirts, Winter Shirts, Warm Shirts & Men's Casual Flannel Shirts You'll find our men's flannel shirts in the sizes and fits you want, whether you prefer these casual flannel shirts in our relaxed, tailored or slim-fitting styles. Our button down flannel shirts are ideal for casual days at the office and for movie nights out with your friends. Shop Now
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Give our soft, comfortable men’s underwear a try, and we’re confident you’ll agree with us: it’s time to change what’s in your drawers.

When it comes to our men’s underwear, we’re all about comfort, because we believe the layer closest to your skin should be the one that treats it the best. Our boxer and brief underwear feature a brushed elasticized waistband that’s so comfortable, you'll hardly know it's there. We sell our men’s undershirts and other underwear in convenient packs of three, so once you find your favorites, it's easy to stock up for those weeks when doing laundry feels like an impossible task. Try our Comfort First boxer brief underwear or classic briefs to see the difference innovative technologies like moisture-wicking, quick-dry properties, and stretch can make when it comes to comfort.

Making the best men’s underwear is all about using the softest fabric. That’s why we make ours from the softest, silkiest cotton, so they’re always a pleasure to pull on. From brief underwear to boxers, all our men’s underwear is available in our full range of sizes, because looking good in your underwear is all about getting the perfect fit. Our men’s undershirts are softer and longer-lasting than the cheaper, lower quality versions you may be used to. Try personalizing them with a unique monogram to really make them your own! Whether you prefer boxer brief underwear or classic briefs, we’re confident our men’s underwear will exceed your expectations when it comes to comfort, durability, and style.  
Products 1 - 12 of 36