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Men’s Cotton Pajamas & Flannel Pajamas

Monogrammed Pajamas, Men’s Pajama Pants, Shirts & Pajama Shorts

Our men’s cotton pajamas come in ultra-soft, comfy materials to keep you warm and cozy, whether you’re in bed or lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday. Our flannel pajamas are double brushed for unsurpassed comfort and softness from all angles – wear them with a matching flannel robe for added warmth when it’s extra cold out. Our cotton pajama pants are great for sleeping in, and they also make ideal casual lounge pants for lazy days around the house. Our men’s pajama shirts are easy to mix and match with our pajamas pants and shorts to create the perfect relaxed outfit for lounging in any season, whether you’re watching movies on a rainy day or enjoying a quick breakfast with the family before you head to work.

When making our men’s cotton pajamas, our designers have a simple goal in mind: to make wearing them — and everything you do while wearing them – more comfortable. Our cozy flannel pajamas make getting out of bed on icy winter morning feel a little easier. And paired with our cozy shearling slippers, it’s almost like you never left your bed. Try personalizing your pajama pants and tops with a unique monogram for an extra special detail, because unsurpassed comfort doesn’t mean you need to skimp on classic style. Our men’s pajama shirts and pants are always made with the finest materials and carefully constructed so they’re durable enough to last for years.

Our men’s cotton pajamas are proof that maximum comfort doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style – try personalizing yours with a unique monogram to truly make them your own.

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Our men’s cotton pajamas in soft, durable jersey knit bring you luxurious comfort that’s hard to beat, whether you’re lounging on the couch watching your favorite show or cozy in bed with a good book.

Relax in style with our men’s cotton pajamas, whether you’re flipping pancakes on Saturday morning or reading in bed after a long day at work. Our flannel pajamas are always warm and comfy, and strong ringspun cotton and thoughtful construction means they’re durable enough to wear for years. Our classic broadcloth pajamas pants and tops are proof that unbelievable comfort doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Our silky soft pajamas will look classically handsome when you’re on the front porch reading the morning paper or surprising a special someone with breakfast in bed. Our men’s pajama tops and pants are made with high-quality materials that last longer than cheaper versions, so they’ll resist pilling and keep their shape for years.

Our men’s cotton pajamas are always made from the finest materials, because bringing you the softest, comfiest pajamas is all about choosing the best fabric. Our soft flannel pajamas are the perfect option when the weather gets cold. Soft and cozy enough to keep you warm no matter how cold it gets, our flannel is always brushed on both sides to give you snuggly comfort from all angles. Our cotton pajama pants and shorts are a great choice for warm weather, because they’re lightweight, breathable, and unbelievably comfortable. Our 100% cotton broadcloth men’s pajamas shirts and pants bring you unsurpassed comfort in any season. Silky soft and classically stylish, ours, no doubt, rank among the most comfortable pajamas you can wear.

Our men’s cotton pajamas are the epitome of comfort for sleeping in, and they can also do double duty as comfy loungewear during the day. Wear our soft plaid flannel pajamas under a matching flannel robe for a comfy look that’s perfect for Christmas morning – don’t forget to buy a few extra pairs for an easy, classic gift for family and friends. Our jersey knit pajamas pants make comfy loungewear in any season: They’re like your favorite sweatpants, but in a lighter weight that’s perfect for sleeping or lounging. Mix and match our men’s pajama shirts with our soft pajama pants for the perfect combination to keep you comfy in any season. Silky, soft broadcloth is lightweight enough for the hottest summer days, and cozy flannel is warm enough to keep you toasty even in the dead of winter.

When designing our men’s cotton pajamas, our designers stop at nothing to ensure they’re unbelievably soft, exceptionally comfortable, and well-constructed to last longer than cheaper rivals. From cozy flannel pajamas to soft, lightweight jersey knit sleep sets, our men’s pajamas are available in our full range of regular, tall, and big sizes, because when it comes to comfort, getting the right fit is key. Make your new pajama pants and tops your own by personalizing them with a custom monogram, and you’ll have your own unique pajamas you’ll love wearing for years to come. With our cozy men’s pajama shirts and pants, we’re positive you’ll want every day to be pajama day. Plus, all of our men’s sleepwear is covered by our Guaranteed. Period.® return policy, if you're not satisfied with any item, simply return it to us at any time for an exchange or refund of its purchase price.
Products 1 - 9 of 9