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Winter Coats & Best Men's Lightweight Jackets

Down Coats, Lightweight Fleece Jackets & Men's Raincoats

With our men’s winter coats and rain coats in a variety of sizes, you’ll be covered every season. We make the best lightweight jackets from a variety of materials to block cold, wet and windy weather in fall through spring. Whether it’s down coats made with natural fibers treated so they stay warm when wet or sealed seams to resist rain in our rain coats, we pay attention to the details so you’re comfortable outdoors in less than ideal weather. And like all our men’s clothing, our rain coats and winter coats are made to last season after season.

Stay warm and dry with men’s winter coats and rain coats designed with features like sealed seams so you’re comfortable in the elements. The rain coats and other best lightweight jackets are designed to fit your frame, too, so the men’s clothes provide easy movement.

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  • Men's Waterproof Squall Parka Men's Winter Coats Jackets & Parkas Best Winter Coats & Men's Down Coats
    Men's Winter Jackets, Coats & Parkas Best Down Coats, Warm Winter Coats, Down Parkas, Fleece Jackets & Men's Fleece Vests Some of our best winter coats include our fleece jackets offering warmth and softness for lightweight men’s outerwear you can layer or wear as stand-alones. With men's down coats in our Squall® System line, you can zip together the pieces you want for customized winter coats.

    You'll discover our best winter coats are made of the finest materials to create the foundation for men's outerwear you love wearing. The men's down coats even stay warm when wet, and the fleece jackets resist pilling so they look great wear after wear.

    The best winter coats for every outdoor activity, our fleece jackets are perfect for camping and hiking trips - or cleaning out the garage on a cool fall day. The men's down coats will be winter favorites, too, whether heading into work or out with the guys.

    Layering wonders, these best winter coats are never bulky so they easily slip over your favorite sweaters - and you'll still move with ease. Also layer the men's down coats over our fleece jackets for those days, your nose feels like it's freezing from the inside.
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  • Men's T200 Fleece Jacket Men's Fleece Jackets & Vests Men's Fleece Jackets , Winter Fleece Coats & Vests
    Fleece Coats, Winter Jackets & Fleece Vests For Men Fleece Coats, Warm Jackets, Fleece Vests, Lightweight Fleece Jackets & Men's Winter Fleece Jackets We design men's fleece jackets to be lightweight, so you can easily layer our fleece vests and other pieces without creating bulk. Our winter fleece coats are ideal indoor-to-outdoor men's clothing that repels wind and water while trapping heat inside.

    Made to fit, these men's fleece jackets and vests come in a variety of sizes. The winter fleece coats and fleece vests also have extra space in all the right spots so you can keep moving with ease even in cold weather.

    You'll reach for these men's fleece jackets when you're headed out for camping in the cool months. The fleece coats and vests are also favorites on hikes because it's easy to slip them on and off as temperatures shift as you reach the summit and then return.

    Everyday wonders, our men's fleece jackets will be your go-to for work commutes. The winter fleece coats are also favorites for doing chores around home, and the fleece vests look sharp with jeans and button downs when you're hanging out with the guys.
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  • Men's 600 Down Vest Men's Warm Winter Vests Men's Vests, Down & Fleece Vests
    Down Vests, Fleece Vests & Lightweight Vests For Men Men's Down Vests, Lightweight Fleece Vests, Warm Winter Vests Our men's vests start with the most durable fabrics made to stand up to tough Wisconsin winters. With our down vests, you get warmth without weight, and our fleece vests are soft inside and out, and pill and static resistant.

    Finding the right men's vests is easy. Read about our down vests, fleece vests and other warm vests to discover which suit you best - and then choose the size that fits just-right.

    The men's vests are perfect for fall and spring days when you need another layer over your sweater. Versatile, our down vests, fleece vests and other lightweight vests are never bulky so it's easy to layer them under parkas, too, so you stay warm on frigid days.

    You can wear these men's vests almost everywhere, from camping trips to work. You'll love how our down vests stay warm even when wet, and how our fleece vests resist pilling so they look new longer.
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  • Men's Packable 800 Down Jacket Men's Down Jackets & Winter Coats Men's Down Jackets, Vests & Down Coats
    Down Coats & Warm Winter Jackets For Men Men's Down Coats, Down Vests, Winter Jackets, Lightweight Travel Coats & Men's Warm Winter Coats When you want men's down jackets with innovative down, find our winter coats packed with breakthrough insulation that dries in a snap so you stay warmer longer. Our down vests feature water-resistant finishes to repel wet snow, rain and sleet.

    Go-everywhere, these men's down jackets and vests will be your favorites for everyday. Wear the down vests and jackets to work solo or layer the winter coats and vests for the frigid days - and stay warm.

    The men's down jackets and vests are never bulky so they're easy to move in and easy to pack, too. Have these down vests and winter coats on your next getaway, and stay comfortable the whole time.

    Easy-wearing, our men's down jackets and vests are also easy-care so they stay looking good without much effort. We also make the down vests and winter coats in a variety of sizes so it's easy to find a just-right fit.
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  • Men's Waterproof Squall Parka Men's Parka Coats & Winter Jackets Men's Parkas & Winter Parkas
    Men's Parkas, Winter Coats & Jackets Parkas Coats, Best Winter Coats, Warm Winter Jackets, Winter Parkas & Men's Coats Wearing our men's parkas, you'll stay dry and warm while enjoying a snow day with your kids. Our parka jackets are also cozy travel companions when you need the best winter coats for cold destination cities.

    We make the best men's parkas because we start with the best materials. The parka jackets have shells that resist water, wind and the cold, and the best winter coats seal in the heat with insulation that stays warm.

    To find the right men's parkas for your climate, check out our temperature ratings to match your season. We make our parka jackets for Wisconsin weather, so the best winter coats are ready for anywhere.

    Layering wonders, the men's parkas are never bulky so you can slip them over vests and sweaters and still keep moving with ease in these best winter coats. In our parka jackets, it's easy to stay active all winter.
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  • Men's Waterproof Squall Parka Squall Jackets & Rain Coats Men's Rain Jackets, Rain Coats & Waterproof Rain Jackets
    Squall Coats & Rain Jackets for Men Waterproof Rain Jackets, Men's Winter Coats, Waterproof Coats & Winter Raincoats In our Squall® jackets, a little snow, rain or sleet won't prevent you from making that morning client meeting. Choose from Squall® rain coats and winter coats that offer serious warmth to make your commutes more comfortable, and these unique snow and rain jackets can feature individual components that zip together.

    These Squall® jackets, including the rain jackets, are designed with durable materials that we design to fit your frame. We offer these rain coats and other men's coats in a variety of sizes with extra space for ease of movement.

    Layer the Squall® jackets, like our rain jackets, over your favorite sweaters and other tops as you head to work. The rain coats come in handy when on business trips, too.

    Built for comfort, our Squall® jackets, including our rain jackets, have all the details that will make them your favorites. With these rain coats and winter raincoats, it's easy to stay warm and dry this season.
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  • Men's Waterproof Rain Jacket Men's Rain Jackets & Coats Rain Jackets & Men's Raincoats
    Rain Coats & Jackets For Men Rain Jackets, Winter Raincoats, Lightweight Rain Jackets, Rain Coats & Men's Coats Long-lasting outerwear, our rain jackets will endure through years of showers and storms. Our rain coats will be the first men's coat you pack for family camping trips, work commutes and for travel to drizzly cities.

    The secret to our rain jackets are the outer shells. They ensure our rain coats keep the wet outside and the warmth in - for men's coats sure to be wardrobe staples.

    Our rain jackets, like all of our men's coats, are designed to fit just-right. So we make our rain coats in a variety of sizes - and make sure there's extra space where you need it most for ease of movement.

    Always versatile, our rain jackets are perfect for camping and hiking trips - where you need men's coats easy to pop on and off. And the rain coats are a good-looking layer on your way to work.
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  • Men's Barn Coat Casual Winter Coats & Jackets Men's Casual Winter Jackets & Warm Coats
    Men's Casual Winter Jackets & Winter Coats Men's Winter Coats, Warm Casual Coats & Men's Winter Jackets Stay stylish in the best casual jackets for men from Lands’ End when the weather gets cold this year. Our rich leather jackets, timeless wool topcoats, and slick men’s rain coats are made with only the best materials and carefully constructed for maximum durability and comfort, so you’ll always feel just as great as you look.

    We have these best casual jackets for men who love looking sharp at work, out with friends and everywhere in between. Pair the leather jackets with tees and jeans to run errands, and choose the men's rain coats to keep you dry as you commute to work in the spring.

    The best casual jackets for men will be favorites on the road. Wear the leather jackets with dress pants and button downs on business trips. And have the men's rain coats ready for shopping on vacation days that aren't so sunny.

    Built durable, the best casual jackets will hold up wear after wear. Whether you choose leather jackets, men's rain coats or other casual coats, you'll love how they look new longer, too.
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  • Men's Waterproof Squall Parka Men's Travel Jackets & Coats Men's Winter Travel Jackets & Lightweight Coats
    Travel Coats & Men's Travel Jackets Best Winter Travel Jackets, Men's Fleece Jackets, Lightweight Down Vests & Men's Rain Jackets Our men's winter travel jackets and other outerwear pieces range from lightweight coats that repel rain to down vests with 800 fill power down providing maximum warmth. You'll also find the best fleece jackets that fuse flexibility, comfort and pill resistance.

    To find the right men's winter travel jackets and other outerwear separates, check out our reviews and temperature ratings so you get the right ones for you. The best fleece jackets are perfect for warmer winters, while we have down vests and coats for colder climates.

    Built rugged, these men's winter travel jackets are ready for every adventure. The best fleece jackets are perfect for camping trips, our lightweight coats will be favorites for spring vacations and don't forget down vests for skiing trips.

    You can wear the men's winter travel jackets over sweaters. And layer the best fleece jackets under down winter coats on the frigid days - and stay warm all day.
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  • $ss.noEdit(${slot.linkText}) Outerwear Big & Tall Outerwear & Men's Jackets
    $ss.noEdit(${slot.linkText}) Outerwear Big & Tall Coats, Casual Jackets & Winter Jackets Shop Now
  • Men's Jackets Men's Jackets Men's Athletic Jackets & Fleece Jackets
    Men's Jackets Lightweight Jackets For Men Pullover Jackets, Lightweight Jackets, Fleece Jackets, Casual Jackets & Men's Monogrammed Jackets Before exercising, grab our men's athletic jackets to help keep your muscles warm, and our pullover jackets make great casual jackets for running errands or meeting up with friends. Our fleece jackets are vital for camping trips and chilly work commutes. Shop Now
  • Mens Jackets, Vests, Parksa & Coats Mens Jackets, Vests, Parksa & Coats Men's Winter Coats & Fleece Jackets
    Mens Jackets, Vests, Parksa & Coats Men's Coats, Parkas, Jackets & Vests Men's Parkas, Snow Pants, Fleece Vests & Men's Winter Coats Our men's winter coats are a highlight of our decades of winter-in-the-Midwest know-how. We have men's parkas with weather-resistant polyester shells surrounding 600 or 800 fill down, and our fleece jackets can be made from super-soft Sherpa fleece. Shop Now
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  • School Uniform Men's Big Marinac Fleece Jacket
    School Uniform Men's Big Marinac Fleece Jacket Men’s Winter Fleece Jackets, Best Pullover Jackets & Men’s Winter Coats
    $79.95 - $89.95
    4.1 (59)
    Read 59 Reviews

    School Uniform Men's Big Marinac Fleece Jacket, Fleece Winter Coats

    Men’s Winter Fleece Jackets, Best Pullover Jackets & Lightweight Winter Coats

    Our men’s winter fleece jackets are designed with high-quality materials that expect from Lands’ End. With the best pullover jackets from us, you’ll know the difference quality makes. The men’s winter coats are made of the softest fleece, so you’ll have the perfect amount of weightless warmth when you’re on-the-go. These lightweight fleece jackets are great for weekend brunch or for a layer when you’re heading to the gym on a cool fall day.

    Our men’s winter fleece jackets are the ultimate wardrobe staples. The best men's fleece pullovers keep you comfortable and in style as you run errands, head to work, go for a hike or head out on vacation.

    Men’s Winter Coats, Lightweight Fleece Jackets, Best Travel Jackets & Warm Winter Jackets You’ll love our men's winter jackets because they’re designed to move and breathe with you. The best pullover jackets are made with lightweight materials, so the best men's winter coats are easy to move in, perfect for grabbing a coffee in the morning or walking the dog in the afternoon.

    Always comfy, these men’s winter fleece jackets are built to last so once you find your favorite men’s winter coats, you’ll have the men’s clothing separates for season to come. The best pullover fleece jackets are also easy care so they look good wash after wash.
    4.1 (59)
    Read 59 Reviews
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  • School Uniform Men's Insulated Jacket
    School Uniform Men's Insulated Jacket Men's Warm Winter Jackets, Warm Insulated Jackets & Winter Jackets
    $79.95 - $89.95
    4.3 (9)
    Read 9 Reviews