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Decorative & Monogrammed Pillows

Classic Bedding, Traditional Home Decor & Throw Pillows

We have decorative pillows in many textures and styles to choose from as you decorate your home. Our monogrammed pillows add refinement to any bed or couch and reflect your unique style. We also offer pillows in many colors and styles so you can find the right fit for your home. Pair them with our other classic bedding for a bedroom upgrade.

Our decorative pillows help you add warmth and texture to every room in your home. We make monogrammed pillows perfect for adding a personal touch to your couch or bed. Accessorizing with pillows is a fun way to add style to each room. You can use our classic bedding to decorate your bedroom and our other traditional home décor in every other room of your home.

Our decorative pillows make it easy to accessorize every room in your home. We even offer monogrammed pillows to match your unique style.

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  • Fresh Boxwood Christmas Garland

    Fresh Boxwood Christmas Garland

    Complete your traditional holiday decorating scheme with this classic evergreen garland, grown by fourth-generation evergreen farmers in the Pacific Northwest. Looks great on your mantel, along a banister, over windows or doorways – anywhere you might need a little extra touch of holiday spirit. This is a natural product, so there will be slight variations between each piece. Mist with water daily to prolong the fragrance and life of the evergreens. Inside, keep away from heat sources that may dry them out, such as direct sunlight, heat vents or open flames. Outside, display in a sheltered spot. 
    Item #506388-AD
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  • Wreath Hanger

    Wreath Hanger

    Customize your wreath hanger by adding your family’s name or your intials to the pewter plaque. Plaque is handcrafted in a beautiful old world style pewter finish and makes your wreath hanger one of a kind. Hanger measures 14 5/8” long; fits over doors up to 1 3/4” wide. Pewter plaque is 4” down from top of hanger and measures 3” x 31/2”. Made in USA.
    Item #468819-AD
    Size: Please Select

You can use decorative pillows to style every room in your home.

We make decorative pillows in cotton, linen and knit fabrics for varying textures as you decorate the many rooms in your home. Our monogrammed pillows are offered in many colors so you can choose a look to match the room you want to accessorize. Throw pillows are classic bedding options but you can place them all around your house for added style.

We love decorative pillows on the bed for creating cozy layers in the bedroom. Use our monogrammed pillows and sheets on your bed for a custom look all your own. Pair your pillows with monogrammed throw blankets to accessorize your bed. Use our classic bedding to style every bed in your home.

You can use decorative pillows in the living spaces of your home for added warmth as well. We like monogrammed pillows with the family initials piled up on the couch for a cozy yet personal touch. Our pillows can be used to add a pop of color to a room and are fun to change around during the seasons and for holidays. You’ll find classic bedding pieces like throw pillows and blankets help create cozy spots for cuddling in your living room.

With a little creativity, our decorative pillows can accessorize even unexpected places in your home. Try adding monogrammed pillows and a blanket to the reading nook. You can place monogrammed pillows on entry benches or even on porch chairs for added charm. Our classic bedding and traditional home décor help you accessorize your home from top to bottom.
Products 1 - 2 of 2