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Fleece Blankets & Cotton Blankets

Monogrammed Blankets, Throw Blankets & Personalized Wool Blankets

We have wool blankets in pure wool for a soft, machine washable blanket. Our fleece blankets in Sherpa fleece keep you warm and cozy. Our cotton blankets made in Supima cotton are soft and sturdy. Many of our traditional home goods can be personalized with a monogram for a unique touch you’ll love year-round.

Our wool blankets provide unmatched warmth for winter months requiring thick layers to keep you toasty. We love fleece blankets for fall when the temperatures and the leaves start to turn crisp. Our cotton blankets are lightweight and soft for warmer months when you want throw blankets without adding too much heat. Our blankets are favorite traditional home goods to be used in every season around your home.

We have wool blankets for winter warmth and throw blankets for every other season. You’ll want our fleece blankets for crisp fall weather and lightweight cotton blankets for warmer months.

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Our wool blankets are great for winter, and we have many other blankets for warmth in every season.

We design our wool blankets with quality in mind. Our fleece blankets are the ultimate in soft and cozy with a velvet-like softness made strong enough to resist pilling. We have cotton blankets made with Supima cotton for a soft yet sturdy blanket perfect for frequent washings and everyday use.

Our wool blankets are the cozy blankets you need for the cold winter months. We also have fleece blankets for soft, warm layers on your beds or draped over the couch for cozy tv watching. Add our cotton blankets and sheet sets to your bed for soft layers of warmth for the cold season. Our traditional home goods are made with quality materials to last year after year.

We love wool blankets folded at the end of the bed in the fall months when you never know which way the weather will turn. Our fleece blankets offer a warm layer for those crisp nights by the fire as the season starts to turn chilly. Many of our cotton blankets and other throw blankets can be personalized for a unique touch, as you layer in blankets around the house in anticipation of cool weather. You can pair our traditional home goods for seasonal style to reflect the weather and your personality.

You can stack wool blankets in baskets in the warmer months when you don’t need their warmth but love the texture they bring. Our fleece blankets can also be rolled up and used for accessorizing a space when they’re not needed for coziness. Choosing lightweight cotton blankets in the spring and summer will give you the softness and warmth you need without the bulk created by thicker blankets. Our traditional home goods are versatile so you can use them in every room of your home no matter the season or the weather.
Products 25 - 27 of 27