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Girls' Tee Shirts & Best Active Shorts

Cotton Leggings, Cotton Skorts & Cute Pants

With our cute play clothes, your girl will be comfortable wherever she goes on her play dates. From our girls’ tee shirts to our cotton skorts and all the rest of our clothes, we carry styles in regular, plus, and slim sizes. So romping around in cute pants and tops will be easy and comfy – like a play date should be. For extra comfort, our cotton leggings are stretchy, too, and they move with your girl from home to her friends’ houses and back again.

High-quality and durable, our cute play clothes withstand any adventure she discovers on her play date. Our girls’ tee shirts are made with reinforced seams to avoid sagging. And our cute pants are reinforced at the knees to avoid tears from playing outdoors. Even our cotton leggings come with Iron Knees® to withstand tumbles and rough play. Because our clothes are so durable, it’s worth making her favorites into personalized clothing with a monogram for a classic look during every play date.

In our cute play clothes, your girl will be completely comfy – and free to jump and tumble on her play dates. Comfortable girls’ tee shirts and cute pants are made to fit your girl, and withstand anything on her play date adventure.

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Our stylish and cute play clothes are perfect to show off during a play date, easy to put on, and ready to layer up for all weather.

When you find our cute play clothes, she’ll be ready for fun. Graphic girls’ tee shirts are cute enough to wear without any complaints about style. And we make our cute pants easy to pull on for stress-free dressing. From our cotton leggings to our best active shorts and tops, we have the right play clothes for any weather.

Modern and cute play clothes are ideal for showing off on any play date – so we carry styles your little one will love. Patterned or graphic girls’ tee shirts are ready to make a statement. And our cute pants are cut for a classic look. We design our cotton leggings in neutral colors to go with everything, and fun patterns for a little flair. And of course, our monogrammed clothing staples add a touch of classic style to any play date.

We make our cute play clothes in regular, plus, and slim sizes so it's easy to find a just-right fit. Our girls’ tee shirts slide on easily and won’t scratch. Even our cute pants come with stretch, and you can find elastic waist styles for younger girls, too. Add cotton leggings for an easy finish to any outfit, and the perfect bottom for active play dates.

Layer our girl’s cute play clothes for weather-ready play dates. Plain or graphic tee shirts are the perfect staples to pair with girls’ cardigans during the in-between months. And you can wear our cute pants with long underwear and fleece jackets for play dates in the snow and low temperatures. Our cotton leggings work well under a long dress when it gets colder – and they’re breathable enough for warmer days, too.
Products 37 - 48 of 216