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Plus Size Sweaters & Down Jackets

Plus Size Jeans, Wool Jackets & Tunic Tops

In our warm plus size jackets, you’ll be completely comfortable for a ski trip or a hike in the colder months. And our dual-function plus size jeans keep you warm when it’s cold, and cooler in the warm months – so your outdoor adventures are always perfectly outfitted. Our plus size sweaters are a warm layer to wear under our down jackets for sub-zero temperatures when headed out on a snowy family trip. Add a staple, like plus size tunic tops as a bottom layer during the coldest months, too, and you’ll be completely comfortable once you get indoors.

Wear our plus size jackets and plus size sweaters for cold-weather outdoor fun. Our plus size jeans are made with dual function yarn to stay warm when it’s cold, so your outfits transition easily between seasons.

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In our plus size jackets, you’ll be as stylish as you are weather-ready for every outdoor adventure.

We design our plus size jackets to flatter your shape while you head out to ski or hike during the colder months. Pair them with plus size jeans, and your outfits will be effortlessly chic, as well as toasty-warm and comfortable. Our plus size sweaters are made with high-quality, modern designs, and look great with our plus size skinny jeans. For wet weather, pair our plus size tunic tops with rain jackets to create a cute look – and when the wind starts blowing, you can add chic wool jackets to the mix, too.