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Casual Flannel Work Shirts & Flannel Pajamas

Flannel Pants, Pajama Pants & Casual Flannel Jackets

Our men’s flannel shirts, pants and pajamas work as hard as you do. Their job? Keeping you comfortable all work day long. Our flannel casual work shirts are made with soft, carefully brushed flannel for maximum softness. And our men’s flannel pajamas have a relaxed fit – so you have something even more comfortable to wear at the end of the day. In our flannel pants, you get an elastic waistband, so you’re at ease from Monday nights to Sunday mornings.

Designed with many features, our men’s flannel shirts serve you from your 9-to-5 weekdays to jam-packed weekends. We make our casual work shirts the perfect weight to keep you warm while avoiding overheating during your work day. And our men’s flannel pajamas have shirts with neat piping and functional pockets for style as you read the Sunday paper before heading out. Our flannel pants have pockets, too, and a functional fly for added convenience.

In our men’s flannel shirts, you’ll get all the comfort and warmth you need for the work day. So our casual work shirts keep you warm, but not overheated – and our men’s flannel pajamas have so many features, you’ll want to wear them all Sunday long.

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