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Best Kids' Parka Coats & Snow Coats

Boys Fleece Hoodies, Fleece Jackets & Snow Pants

Choose our Squall® boys’ winter coats for water, wind, cold, and kid-proof three-in-one wonders: Our Squall® coats features two coats that can be worn separately or together. Our best kids’ parka coats feature lightweight insulation to keep him warm without sacrificing mobility and heavy-duty waterproof nylon shells to keep out any wetness. We also design our boys' warm winter coats with practical kid-friendly features like Grow-a-Long™ sleeves which adjust as he grows and SnowGuard™ sleeve cuffs that let him slip his thumb through the cuff, keeping out cold and snow. We also have warm kids’ snow pants to pair with our coats. They won’t fend off bears or yetis, but otherwise, he’ll be fully prepared for anything and everything this winter.

He’ll stay warm and dry in our boys’ winter coats, which offer the best protection. We build the best kids’ parka coats just like we do for adults, using only the best quality materials to keep the wind and water out, so he’ll always stay cozy and dry for neighborhood sledding adventures and snowball fights. Our boys’ snow coats are always carefully constructed for long-wearing durability and quality – try personalizing his with a custom monogram or a fun embroidered icon for a cool detail he’ll love showing off. Our kids’ snow pants and coats make it easy for him to stay cozy and dry during all his daily adventures this winter.

Our boys’ winter coats are made with only the best-quality materials to keep him comfy and dry for hours of adventures in the snow. Our best kids' parkas boast practical features like special sleeves which can easily be adjusted as he grows, so he can keep wearing his for years.

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    Squall Coats & Jackets Winter Squall Coats, Winter Coats, Snow Coats, Warm Winter Jackets & Boys' Waterproof Jackets For the best versatile boys' Squall® coats, consider our 3-in-1 parka winter coats with components that can be zipped apart and worn alone when the weather turns milder. You'll like how our Squall® jackets warm and protect him from spring rainstorms through winter snow events. See More
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    Boys Jackets Parkas & Coats Boys Vests, Jackets, Coats & Parkas Boys' Fleece Jackets, Kids' Snow Coats, Parka Coats & Boys Fleece Vests We carry boys’ fleece jackets for layering on cold days. Our kids’ winter coats are the best snow coats on the market, built to hold up to outdoor winter play while keeping your kids toasty warm. Shop Now
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Ultra-cozy, our boys’ winter coats make choosing the best protection for your child just as easy as the snow days they were made for.

With our boys’ winter coats, he’ll enjoy water, wind, cold, and kid-proof comfort. We’re headquartered in Wisconsin, so we know a thing or two about what makes a great kids' winter coats. Making the best kids’ parka coats and other snow coats comes down to two key words: “warm” and “dry.” We line our kids’ snow coats with cozy, ultra-toasty insulation for maximum warmth without inhibiting movement, and we equip each one with a rugged waterproof and windproof nylon shell to keep out any wetness, so he can play in the snow for hours without risking winter sniffles. Our kids’ snow pants complement our coats in fun, kid-friendly colors and styles, too, so he’ll always look cool as it keeps him toasty warm.

We make our boys’ winter coats just like we do for adults, by carefully constructing them with premium, bulk-free insulation and weather-proofing for long-wearing durability and quality. But the best kids’ parka coats also have practical features specially designed just for kids, like Grow-a-Long™ sleeves which extend up to 1.5 inches to adjust as he grows. Our kids’ snow coats also feature SnowGuard™ wrist cuffs to prevent any gaps between his gloves and his sleeve. When creating our kids' snow pants and coats, our designers are always finding new ways to make them more kid-friendly and easy to wear – once you’ve tried them for yourself, you’ll never want to go back.

Unbelievably warm, our boys’ winter coats are super cool-looking, too. The best kids’ parka coats come in fun, kid-friendly styles in a wide range of prints and colors boys can get excited about. We offer our kids’ snow coats in cool geometric prints and bright, bold colors he’ll love. Try a style with a contrasting striped fleece lining for a fun look. Many styles of our kids’ snow pants and coats can even be customized with a fun embroidered icon of a rocket, shark, or soccer ball to make it even more special.

For maximum protection, our boys’ winter coats are designed to keep out cold, wind, and wetness, because if there’s anything we’ve learned from years of braving harsh Wisconsin winters, it’s the importance of a good winter jacket. The best kids’ parka coats are carefully constructed using only the best materials for maximum quality, comfort, and practicality. We’re proud to offer boys’ snow coats in thoughtful designs, which are well-made, and durable enough to last for years. Our kids’ snow pants along with our coats are built for Wisconsin, ready for anywhere.  
Products 25 - 28 of 28