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Warms Winter Coats & Boys' Parka Coats

Boys' Snow Coats, Best Winter Jackets & Personalized Jackets

We design our boys’ parkas with real kids in mind, because functionality is key when he’s spending hours playing in the snow. That’s why our warm winter coats are designed with practical, kid-friendly features, like SnowGuard™ wrist cuffs that eliminate gaps between his sleeve and his gloves. Our kids’ snow coats are available in both regular and husky sizes to ensure he finds a comfy fit. The best parka coats are designed to withstand all the wear and tear kids bring, because strong kids need strong winter gear.

Our boys’ parkas make it easy to stay cozy during sledding adventures and snowball fights. We design our warm winter coats with a super-strong waterproof nylon shell, because nothing ruins a day of fun in the snow more quickly than wet clothing.

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Our boys’ parkas are lined with cozy, lightweight insulation that won’t restrict his movement, so he’ll have full mobility when he’s throwing a snowball or climbing that snow bank.

When making our boys’ parkas, our designers are careful to ensure they’re durable and practical enough to keep him cozy and dry for hours of playing in the snow. Our warm winter coats feature lightweight, cozy insulation and waterproof nylon shells to keep out any water and wetness during sledding adventures and snowball fights. We even made our kids’ snow coats with Grow-a-Long™ sleeves to adjust as he grows and SnowGuard™ wrist cuffs to eliminate gaps between his sleeves and gloves. Our cozy, durable parka coats make it easy for kids to be kids, without worrying about fussy clothing.

We make our boys’ parkas in durable, easy-care styles that can be thrown right into the wash, because the last thing you want to worry about on a snow day is a pile of wet, dirty snow gear. We make our warm winter coats with only the best materials, so they’re sure to last all season long. And our kids’ snow coats are available in both regular and husky sizes, so he can always find the right fit. Our parka coats and jackets make choosing the best protection for your child as easy as the snow days they were made for.
Products 25 - 28 of 28