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Men's Straight Fit Comfort-First Jeans - Washed Black

We introduced our Square Rigger™ jeans in 1983. Our philosophy: Make them as good as you can. Improve them whenever possible. And always, always price them fairly. Our Comfort-First™ black jeans follow in their footsteps. They're made from durable 12.5 ounce denim that breaks in, but not down. All with the perfect hint of stretch. So when you move, they move.

Straight Fit is designed to be perfectly balanced. We recently re-envisioned Straight Fit with an adjusted rear, and to transition more smoothly through the hip and leg. Sits at the waist, straight through the hip and thigh, and with a straight leg. For guys who loved our old Tailored Fit, new Straight Fit is for you.
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