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Men's Waterproof Packable Windbreaker Jacket

At 2.21 ounces per square yard, the fabric in this packable windbreaker is among the lightest we sell. That doesn’t mean it’s flimsy, though. Quite the opposite. Our goal was to build it light but strong, so we went with a plain-weave ripstop construction that stands up to rips and tears (and won’t blow out at the elbow after a single season). Then we sealed every seam and treated it so it’s 100% waterproof; added features like a lightweight mesh lining, hip pockets for all your gear, a vertically adjustable hood, and elasticized cuffs; and finally, we made it packable. That’s right — the entire thing packs into a little bag just beneath the hood, inside back, so you can easily stow it in your bag, car door or anywhere you need to keep it handy.
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