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Men's Long Sleeve Slim Chambray Shirt
Men's Long Sleeve Slim Chambray Shirt Men's Long Sleeve Slim Chambray Shirt Work Uniform Shirts, Business Logo Button Downs, Embroidered Business Shirts & Men's Customized Uniforms Our customized business casual shirts are perfect for employees that work mostly outside because these men’s casual uniform shirts will resist staining and keep team members cool on the job. Shop for our embroidered logo shirts in easy care fabrics that wash up well – even after a marathon shift.

These customized business casual shirts are also excellent choices for team members who work inside. Select our embroidered logo shirts for restaurant waitstaff, retail store employees or bank tellers that need to look buttoned up and professional on the job.
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Men's Long Sleeve Slim Chambray Shirt, Company Shirts

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Crisp customized business casual shirts will put your employees in the best possible light. Our embroidered logo shirts also offer all-day comfort, whether working in the office or out in the field. Long-lasting, the men’s casual uniform shirts are made of high-quality materials that resist fading. So these business logo work shirts won’t have to be replaced as often so you’ll save money.

Features on these customized business casual shirts give them a crisp, clean appearance. Our embroidered logo work shirts have smart collars and other detailing that look polished and professional.

With a look like denim, it’s no wonder chambray’s so popular. But there’s one big difference between the two fabrics: chambray isn’t a twill. So it’s naturally lighter — and perfect for all seasons. Lighter doesn’t mean flimsy, however: it spent decades as the work-duty fabric for shirts in the U.S. Navy, where toughness isn’t optional. Ours has a slightly rugged look inspired by workwear but still professional.
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Machine-washable customized business casual shirts are easy to wear and even easier to care for.

In our customized business casual shirts, your team members will stand out in a crowd. In the field, our embroidered logo shirts will keep your employees cool and comfortable with just the right amount of rugged style. Staying cool in our men's casual uniform shirts is also a plus – especially for those team members that work mostly outside. These business logo work shirts even repel dirt and grime, so they’ll stay looking newer, longer.

We’ll customize business casual shirts with your company emblem from over 300 thread color options. Our embroidered logo shirts provide the perfect backdrop and will make your insignia really pop. An innovative technique on our men's casual uniform shirts will keep your embroidered logo from fraying or fading. That means, these business logo work shirts will boost your brand for many wears to come.