Men's Short Sleeve Super-T T-shirt

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Men's Short Sleeve Super-T T-shirt

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Product details

  • Smooth covered neck seam
  • Sewn side seams are more comfortable fit
  • Short sleeve
  • 100% combed cotton. Machine wash. Imported
  • Receive Preferred School contribution with purchase

Nearly invulnerable.

Pick up our new Super-T™ and you instantly notice it has nicer needlework, more heft, a better "feel" than other tees. What else will you notice? Plenty! Now that we've improved our Super-T you'll find that fading, pilling, wrinkling and shrinkage are practically nil. Everyday stains wash out more easily too. All this is thanks to the new fabric finishing process we use. Added up, this new Super-T is more super than ever. Has standout details as well. Like a covered neck seam, sewn side seams for a more comfortable fit (ordinary tees are tubular knit as a single piece) and straight bottom. Short sleeves.

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