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Lands' End Executive Team

The Lands' End executive team is comprised of experienced industry leaders who guide the vision of the Lands' End brand and its businesses, with a commitment to build on our legacy of unparalleled customer service.

Jerome Griffith

Chief Executive Officer and President

Jerome Griffith is the chief executive officer, president and a member of the board of directors of Lands' End, Inc.

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James Gooch

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

James Gooch is responsible for overseeing operational and financial functions for the company, including accounting, financial reporting and information technology in the United States, Northern and Central Europe, and Japan.

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Chieh Tsai

Chief Product Officer

Chieh Tsai is the chief product officer at Lands' End, Inc. In this role, she oversees product design, merchandising and global sourcing – from idea through execution. Tsai continues to develop the company's signature look and feel and is committed to delivering high-quality, incredible value and classic styling that have become synonymous with the Lands' End brand.

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Peter Gray

Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Peter Gray is a member of the executive team and the company's chief legal advisor, he reports directly to Jerome Griffith, chief executive officer of Lands' End. Gray is responsible for articulating and driving strategic initiatives for the company, as well as directing and overseeing all corporate legal matters, including regulatory, ethics and compliance, and corporate governance.

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Michael Holahan

Senior Vice President, Multi-Channel Marketing

Michael Holahan is the senior vice president of marketing for Lands' End, Inc. In this role, he is responsible for developing and implementing uni-channel marketing strategies that focus on customer acquisition and retention to drive brand profitability. He also leads the global uni-channel marketing and customer research team to create a consistent customer engagement strategy and to drive execution for customer engagement across all channels.

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Luciana Marsicano

Senior Vice President, Global Sourcing

As the senior vice president of global sourcing, Luciana Marsicano is committed to further developing and optimizing the Lands' End global sourcing strategy while ensuring the overall quality of Lands' End products.

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Claudia Mazo

Senior Vice President, Retail and Lands' End Outfitters

Claudia Mazo is the senior vice president of retail and Lands' End Outfitters (LEO) for Lands' End, Inc. In this role, she is responsible for developing and leading Lands' End's retail stores and business outfitters strategies. She oversees all store operations, field management and marketing for the retail business and is responsible for successfully developing and executing retail go-to-market strategies, growing top-line revenue and driving profitability for Lands' End's stand-alone retail stores. In addition, Mazo heads all business unit operations, new client acquisition, and marketing efforts and is responsible for driving overall growth and profitability of Lands' End business outfitters.

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Sarah Rasmusen

Chief Customer Officer

Sarah Rasmusen is the Chief Customer Officer for Lands' End, Inc. Rasmusen is responsible for leading customer experiences, including core, retail, business to business, and international as well as to drive strategies to enhance customer-facing capabilities across all Lands' End selling channels. She is responsible for accelerating the immediate growth and refining the strategic long-term vision, while ensuring the entire company is effectively focusing on the priorities in our customers' lives. Lands' End believes that this manner of doing business honors our strong heritage of strong relationships with our employees and customers, and will drive a sustainable, repeatable and deliberate approach for growth while simplifying our message and deliverables to the customer.

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Angie Rieger

Senior Vice President of International and Wholesale

Angie Rieger is the Senior Vice President of International and Wholesale for Lands' End, Inc. As a seasoned executive and strategic leader with over 25 years of experience in the retail industry, Rieger has a strong understanding of the Lands' End business, its customers and their behaviors.

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Kelly Ritchie

Senior Vice President of Employee Services

Kelly Ritchie is the Senior Vice President of Employee Services for Lands' End Inc.

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Matt Trainor

Senior Vice President, Brand Creative

Matt Trainor is the senior vice president of brand creative for Lands' End, Inc. In this role, he is responsible for creating and planning the strategy and positioning behind seasonal and annual campaigns across digital, social, public relations and print, as well as bringing merchandising strategies and design to life through integrated, brand-building, customer experiences.

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