Fit is something we think a lot about here, for every body. Every guy should look good and feel great in what they’re wearing, no matter the style or fit they choose. So this year we took a hard look at our pants – with real folks wearing them, giving us feedback. We made some tweaks and some big changes, getting the proportions right, so everything “just feels better.” Because that’s how we make pants that fit your life.



From the office to the country club, dinner to the backyard BBQ, you need pants that are as versatile as your day is varied.

Fit Guide for Men’s Pants

Having clothing in the right fit can make all the difference for helping you look put together and feel great about yourself. So how do you know what the best fit is in men’s pants? Which measurements do you need to know, and what different styles are there to consider? Knowing how to navigate the waters of men’s sizing and pants styles is a must for finding the best pair of pants. Check out our fit guide for men’s pants to find the best pair for you!

Measurements to Know

Make sure you understand which measurements you need to keep on hand to find the pants that are going to fit you best. Having the right fit matters, and can be the difference between looking rumpled and looking put together. When it comes to men’s pants, there are two measurements that you need to know: your waist and your inseam. To get these measurements, all you need is a flexible measuring tape and you’ll be good to go!


Grab your measuring tape and starting at the top of your hip bone, bring the measuring tape all the way around your body. You’ll want to be sure to keep the measuring tape level with your belly button. Make sure the tape isn’t pulled too tight, and that it’s going straight around your body- you don’t want it dipping or twisting in any places, as this will keep you from getting an accurate measurement. Check the number on the tape after you exhale, and you have your waist measurement!


The next measurement you’ll get is your inseam. The inseam measurement is for the inside of the leg. You can either measure this on your body, or you can use a pair of pants that you know fit well and use those to measure. If you’re using a pair of jeans, use your measuring tape to measure the length of the pants from the inside leg up to the crotch. If you’re using your body, take your measuring tape and starting at your crotch, measure down to the desired length, typically a bit below the ankle.

Different Styles to Consider

So now that we know how to get the right measurements for your pants, it’s time to decide which fit you prefer. There are plenty of options to choose from, it just comes down to what you’re most comfortable in. Be sure to have your measurements nearby when shopping for a new pair of pants, whether you’re shopping in-store or online. Let’s take a look at some of the different options.

Traditional Fit

A roomier fit that's never baggy. Comfortable and sharp. Easy through the thigh, with a gentle taper. Partner these with a men's flannel shirt and you're ready for the weekend

Athletic Fit

Providing a little extra room in the rear, hip, and thigh, witha flattering slimming leg. Pair your athletic fit jeans with one of our many men's polo shirts for a casual yet fresh look.

Straight Fit

For guys who loved our old tailored fit, our new straight fit is for you. Perfectly balanced, straight through the hip, thigh, and leg.

Slim Fit

Flattering and slim, but never skinny. We redesigned the leg shape to be better for more body types. Consider adding a men's dress shirt or men's sweater with your slim fit pants.

Understanding how to find the best pair of men’s pants is sure to simplify things for you, and gives you the ability to fill your closet with pants that you feel confident in. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in the clothing you wear. Ensuring that you have the correct measurements and that you understand which fit you prefer will give you the ability to have that level of comfort that we are all looking for in the clothing we wear!