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Meet Our People

We Grow When You Do

Creativity. It crops up wherever different people with different ideas from different backgrounds and points of view come together. So we've become fierce defenders of your individuality.

Self-expression isn't just valued at Lands' End. It's encouraged. Make that required. You'll find a microphone for your voice, interests and ideas here, along with colleagues who are eager to listen and help you succeed. And that means every member of our company can make an immediate difference in the things we make and the way we make them—all over the world.

Of course, a more meaningful work life is just the beginning. There are plenty of ways to grow your life life, too.


Lands' Enders do a lot of interesting things when they're off the clock. We love that, and we're committed to helping employees get active, gain balance and give back. So far, their creativity and compassion has taken us to some pretty cool places:

Karen Builds Homes in Kenya

Customer Care specialist Karen Bauer lives for her vacations, but they're not your typical getaways. She travels each year to Kenya, where she helps build homes for widowed mothers. "There's no better feeling in the world than putting the last handful of mud on the house that you know will make a world of difference for a family in need," Karen says.

Mary Became a Winemaker

Mary Spurgeon is an assistant designer by day but a vintner by night (and by weekends). She helps run her family's vineyard, located in the scenic hills of southwest Wisconsin. The winery makes 20 different wines, including a wine called Ice Maiden, made from grapes that can withstand a Wisconsin winter. How cool is that?

Scott Lunches with Friends

Every day at lunchtime, Scott Thompson, inventory specialist, takes a long walk. But he's never alone. He walks with his wife—and a few furry friends from the Iowa County Humane Society. "Sunshine, rain or snow, we do our best to visit our little buddies," Scott says.

Jackie Helped Lands' End Help Schools

Jackie Johnson-Caygill works in Lands' End Business Outfitters and Customer Care Services, but she's taken her ideas companywide. Jackie initiated a program to save the caps, labels, and box tops from soup cans, cereal boxes and other products we consume here daily. Schools use these collectible items to generate revenue for equipment and other needs. Now, thanks to Jackie, the company plans to place a collection station in each Lands' End building.

Brenda Golfs for Good

Meet Brenda Blackford, administrative assistant and member of The Pink Jacket Club. Started in 2007 by 14 women who wanted to golf for a cause, The Pink Jacket Club has doubled in size and donated $5,000 to a variety of causes—including victims of fire, floods, illness, "or anything life may throw at you," says Brenda.

Carrie is the Ultimate Volunteer

Carrie Baumhover, project manager in the IT department, logged more volunteer hours than any other Lands' Ender in 2011. As a board member and chairperson of the Iowa County Humane Society. Carrie helped raise over $6,000 to provide homeless animals with shelter and food.

Kayla Made it to The Olympics

Kayla Spurley has a passion for wrestling that has made her a pairing official at every level of local and national competition. So her Global Sourcing coworkers were thrilled (but probably not surprised) when Kayla told them she had been selected to join the Technical Officiating Team for wrestling in the 2012 Olympics in London.