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Our intensive training programs put recent graduates on the path to lifelong success. Get started. Apply online today.

Training for Recent Graduates

Become an Up-and-Comer

Our advanced post-graduate training programs are game-changers. They're career-makers. And they prepare you for long-term success at Lands' End and in the global retail fashion industry. What makes our programs so top tier? A personalized, hands-on learning experience. Projects that put you in the lead. Individual attention and support from a dedicated executive mentor, and ready access to our senior leadership team.

Experience 13 to 36 weeks of camaraderie, collaboration and challenging, project-focused education in one of these intensive training programs, designed for the next generation of merchandisers, designers, analysts and executives:

Assistant Merchant In Training

Our assistant merchant-in-training (AMIT) program prepares individuals to fill business-critical positions in global merchandising and online commerce companies. The 13-week curriculum delivers hands-on experiences in seven strategic areas, including on-the-job training, cross-functional exploration, and systems and technical guidance.

The program culminates in a final project that challenges participants to develop business ideas for a new product line. Present a winning idea and Lands' End may just implement it.

AMIT program graduates can advance quickly to become senior merchants and merchandise managers.

Meet Lauren—AMIT Grad and Assistant Merchant

Now a full-time Lands' Ender, Lauren Felix joined the AMIT program after earning her degree in fashion merchandising and product development from Florida State University.

"What I loved about the training program is that we weren't doing busy work. We did work that was quickly applied to helping the brand. And now as an assistant merchant, I get to see the product from conception to consumption. It's exciting to work with so many people who are doing different things," says Lauren. "I also enjoy the culture. People want to help you and see you grow. It's not an intimidating environment. It's not 'The Devil Wears Prada."

Assistant Designer in Training

Nothing is more crucial to Lands' End than developing a diverse pool of talented designers, as their work can make or break a product's launch. For that reason, we take competition for our key design positions seriously and offer the industry's top assistant designer training (ADIT) program.

This 13-week program immerses individuals into the design aesthetic for every Lands' End product category and business area. The curriculum blends classroom learning with on-the-job training, cross-functional exploration and off-site experiences, and ends in a final design project.

Trainees will be paired with a seasoned mentor and have significant exposure to our leadership teams. Successful ADIT students may move directly into an assistant designer position at Lands' End.

Analyst Rotation Program

Offering just three open trainee positions each year, our Analyst Rotation training program is a coveted and competitive learning opportunity. This 24-month program is divided into three 8-month rotations in our marketing, finance and inventory departments, providing participants with extensive experience across multiple business functions.

Successful trainees are employed as analysts upon program completion.

Meet Matt—Now a Lands' End Analyst

A Brigham Young University business management and finance graduate, Matt Mosley was a financial analyst at a banking firm before joining Lands' End. "The analyst rotation program is perfect for me," says Matt. "You gain a breadth of knowledge that makes you much better prepared for your future role at the company. I am currently learning about inventory management. For a retailer, inventory is the backbone of the company."

Leadership Development Program

Designed for MBA graduates, our 36-month Leadership Development Program prepares best-in-class talent to serve in business leadership roles in one of four major business units: B2B, International, Retail or US Consumer.

An individualized development plan and well-defined goals provide a framework for trainee success. Participants receive CEO sponsorship and guidance from supportive senior-level mentors. And rotational learning experiences give rainees a deep understanding of our company's business, brand and customer.

Over three years, Leadership Development Program trainees will build leadership skills, develop operational expertise and drive the company's strategic business initiatives. Successful participants will be placed in director-level leadership roles upon completion of the program.

Meet Michael—MBA Intern and Civil Engineer

Michael Donald became interested in apparel when he worked as a professional wakeboarder (think of a combination of snowboarding, water skiing and surfing) for a sportswear company. One of our graduate student interns, Michael is on course to join the Leadership Development Program after receiving his MBA from Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana. (His undergraduate degree is in civil engineering from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.) Currently, he's working on a special project to determine whether Lands' End should expand into a particular geography. "I am working across many functions, meeting a lot of people," says Michael. "I had to build out the research and tactics of the strategy and our 3-person team is presenting our recommendations before the CEO today."