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Swimsuits: handle with care

With just a few simple steps, your suit will look spectacular the entire summer and seasons to come. Naturally you should follow the suit’s care instructions, but here are more useful tips that go beyond the ones on the label.

  • Quick rinse
    Rinse your suit in cold water after each wear as soon as possible – in the pool shower or sink – to help remove excess salt, chlorine and sunscreen. (Yes, you should rinse your suit even if you were only wearing it to soak up rays in the backyard.)
  • Oil-free zone
    Avoid getting sunscreen lotions and oils on your suit as the chemicals can damage and even stain it.
  • Forgo the spin cycle
    Even on the gentle cycle, a washing machine can still be too rough on your suit. It’s best to wash your suit by hand, the same day, in cold water with a mild soap, lightly massaging it to work out the chemicals and dirt.
  • Gently squeeze
    Do not wring your suit because it can damage the fibers and make your suit lose its shape. Hanging can also stretch it out. For best results, lightly squeeze out the water, lay your suit flat in a towel, then roll up the towel to absorb the excess water. Unroll the towel and leave your suit flat to dry.
  • Air dry
    The heat from dryers is too harsh on swimsuit fabrics. Find a shaded area to lay your suit flat out on a towel to dry. And be sure your suit is completely dry before putting it away.