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Cuffing & Hemming

We will be pleased to cuff or hem your trousers and pants free of charge. Please keep in mind these guidelines:
  • If you do not specify a cuffing or hemming length, your pants will be delivered unfinished.
  • Hemming and cuffing add 1-2 days extra processing time.
  • Remember to allow an extra 1/2 inch (1,5 cm) for shrinkage in 100% cotton items.
  • Some jeans and corduroy trousers can be hemmed but not cuffed.
  • When a cuff is available, click the "cuffed" button for a 1 ½" cuff.
  • Some styles of pants are sold pre–hemmed to the nearest inch and cannot be modified further.
  • Product pages indicate if hemming is available.

How do I measure my inseam?

  • Select a pair of your best–fitting pants of a similar material.
  • Lay the pants flat and measure from the center of the crotch to the bottom of one leg. The number of inches is the inseam length.

What is a military hem and how do I request one?

A military hem is always measured by the inside leg seam and will have a ½ inch length slope from the front of the pant leg hem to the back.
  • For the cuff selection click "uncuffed" and add the pants to your shopping bag.
  • During checkout, click on the "special requests" link next to the pants you would like hemmed with a military hem.
  • Provide instructions in the box provided stating you would like the pants to have a military hem.

Note: Military hems are NOT available on blue jeans or pre–hemmed pants and may not be available on other select pants.

If you have questions that aren't covered here, please contact us by calling, toll–free, 1–800–963–4816.

Men's Cuffing and Hemming Lengths

Cuffing Range Hemming Range
Rise inches cm inches cm
Tailored Regular to 34 to 86 to 36 to 90
Tailored Long to 36 to 90 to 38 to 95
Casual Regular to 34 to 86 27 - 36 68.5 - 91
Casual Long to 36 to 90 29 - 38 73.5 - 96.5
Jeans Regular N/A N/A 27 - 36 68.5 - 91
Jeans Long N/A N/A 29 - 38 73.5 - 96.5