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First day of school

4 Ideas To Make The First Day of School Special

The first day of school is exciting and emotional, both for kids and their parents. After a long summer break, it's time to get back into the routine of the school year. Whether they are starting school for the first time, going to a new school, or just coming back after summer break – the first day is important. Here are some ideas for commemorating their first day and making it special.

  1. A Brand New Backpack

    Having a new school backpack with their favorite emoji or design, or even monogrammed with their initials, will be a representation of their style for the entire year. No matter what outfit they wear or what school event is going on, their backpack will go with them. Make sure it's a cool backpack or a cute backpack they are excited about and one that is durable to last the entire year.

  2. A Special Meal

    If there is one day of the year to get up early and cook a special family breakfast, it's the first day of school. So, set that alarm extra early and whip up some homemade cinnamon rolls. If you're not the cooking or the baking type, swing by your favorite early morning diner before school so you can spend some quality time with your kids before their first day. And you can make their lunch extra special as well! Load up their lunchbox with one of their favorite lunches and include a handwritten note to encourage them on their first day. Pick a new kid's lunch box with a fun design — maybe a dinosaur lunch box for the littler kids and an emoji lunchbox for the older ones.

  3. A New Outfit

    There are few things that make you feel better than a new outfit. Grab a new first day outfit for your kids to arrive to school confidently and in style. Whether they have to stick to a school uniform or can wear whatever they'd like, a first day outfit is always a confidence booster. Make sure their first outfit is a reflection of their style, whether she loves being comfortable in a girl's tunic top with a cozy pair of leggings or if he loves his jeans and a kid's graphic tee

  4. Take Some Pictures

    Whether you want to create some Pinterest-worthy photos of their first day or just want to snap some quick photos on your phone, make sure you document these important days. It's amazing to see how much they change year to year, and these pictures will be a great memory. However you choose to celebrate their first day back to school, the time they spend with you will be what they remember most.