Your Spring Guide to Layering

Your Spring Guide to Layering

When spring weather is warm one part of the day and cold for the other part, it can be difficult to feel comfortable all day. What do you wear to stay warm in the morning and evening but not overheat midday? With layering, you can look good and feel great during transitional seasons like spring. By using multiple complementary pieces of clothing, you can adjust how hot or cold you feel throughout the day.

So, how do you layer classic spring outfits like fit and flare dresses to adapt to the up and down temperatures of this season? What key layering items do you need to take a summery dress and make it wearable in a colder season? This is your ultimate spring guide to layering for all-day comfort during the spring.

Make Your Layers Convenient

When you need to layer articles of clothing, don’t make anything too complicated. For example, a long-sleeved shirt is difficult to wear under a women’s sweater because it bunches up underneath when you take the sweater on and off. For simplicity, opt for a short-sleeved T-shirt or tank top as the first layer. Now when you need to take your sweater off and on during the day, you don't have to adjust your sleeves underneath your sweater constantly. The same thing goes with collars or cuffs that stick out and need to be adjusted. Overall, the key is simplicity and speed when it comes to your layers.

Part of convenience is making sure that all your layers can work together so that you’re not overheating when you wear them at once. You don’t want two thick layers. Instead, you wear a thinner cotton shirt as your first layer and a medium-weight spring sweater on top. If the days are warmer and you don’t need as much coverage around your chest, then a women’s cardigan sweater gives you the additional sleeves you need when the weather cools. You may prefer to wear a camisole or tank top with a cardigan instead of a T-shirt or blouse for an equally stylish look.

Leggings: Your Key to Versatility

If you want to have endless layering potential in the spring, then you need leggings in your closet. Leggings can be worn alone as casual pants, with tunics in the office, with a flannel shirt for a cute spring outfit, and under dresses as a substitute for stockings (wear boots to cover the gap between your ankles and hems).

Depending on the stage of spring you’re in, you may need fleece-lined leggings to keep warm. Since early spring feels much like winter, this extra insulation will help you wear leggings alone comfortably. As the season gets warmer, you can switch to cotton-blend leggings that are thinner and more breathable than wintry materials. If you want to wear patterned leggings, balance your outfit with a solid print top like a black tunic or sweater dress. This way your outfit doesn’t look too busy while you still integrate the fun colors and patterns that you love.

Cardigans and Maxi Dresses

In the spring, maxi dresses for women are excellent for navigating days with fluctuating temperatures. A maxi dress's long length fully covers your legs on chilly days so you have some degree of protection. They still have considerable airflow though, so if you want to wear a maxi dress on a colder spring day, it’s wise to wear some leggings underneath. Otherwise, expect to be a touch uncomfortable when the temperatures dip below 50 degrees F.

To ensure that your maxi dress is ready for any weather, give yourself some optional sleeves with a cardigan. Depending on the time of year, you can choose a warmer cashmere cardigan or a thin cotton cardigan that takes the cold sting away on a mild day. Cardigans allow you to extend outfits like this into transitional seasons so you can build a versatile and efficient wardrobe. It’s advisable to wear full-coverage shoes on colder spring days, so make sure you have some cozy socks that will make shoes like Mary Janes and boots feel comfortable all day long.

Layering in the spring is easy when you keep things simple and give yourself different options based on the day’s average temperature. With the right combination of strategic separates, you can build a stylish and comfortable spring wardrobe.


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