Your Christmas Mix and Match Wardrobe

Your Christmas Mix and Match Wardrobe

The best part about a closet with mix-and-match items is that they can carry you from season to season. You can introduce newer, trendier items every now and again to keep things fresh without having to totally revamp your whole wardrobe. So naturally, a coordinating Christmas wardrobe is a necessary subset of your already existing wardrobe that you get excited to break out year after year. Think about what colors and patterns most represent Christmas to you, and you’ll be in great shape to start creating a capsule Christmas closet.

What’s in a Christmas wardrobe, anyway? First, you’ve got to be stocked up on all the comfiest fabrics—that way, no matter what you choose, the outfits for winter’s coziest holiday will keep you feeling cheery. Start with some Christmas-inspired patterns for lightweight sweaters — like turtlenecks and cardigans — that coordinate with solid jeans or lounge pants. Keep a few sets of scarves and winter hats on hand in coordinating prints and colors. And one solid, plush winter coat will do the rest of the heavy lifting. Read on for how to put together some staple Christmas outfits.

Sweater Are Turtlenecks Best Friend

A women’s cotton turtleneck is an excellent starting place. The mock neck is an especially stylish cut right now. Their knit is light, so they coordinate well with heavier layers on top. Check out some rich hues that make you feel Christmas-y, like rust red, deep woodland green, or a crisp white or ivory. Layer it under a gorgeous cashmere V-neck sweater. An especially chic Christmas look is white on white, so start with that white mock neck and upgrade it with an ivory V-neck on top.

If you want a little heavier turtleneck with beautiful stitching, go for a lovely cashmere turtleneck or the lofty cable mock sweater in the burgundy or green Donegal marl. The white flecks of the Donegal in the green sweater look just like you’ve come in from a light snowfall. Pair it with a long white scarf with fringe and a white hat for a crisp evergreen feel. Both these looks do great with a solid black pant to keep the contrast solid but subtle.

Cardigans for Any Time of the Day

Take those same turtlenecks and swap out the pullover sweater for a cardigan. The cashmere cardigan is always a top-notch choice but don’t forget to check out the V-neck lounge cardigan. The jersey fabric sings a Christmas carol all on its own, and the pockets give you some handy storage for Christmas candies. A rich camel or deep-sea navy cardigan will look subtly festive and wintry with coordinating color turtlenecks.

Another way to cinch the Christmas look is to cinch your waist. The fine gauge cardigan in navy with a creamy white turtleneck and your favorite lounge pants is a perfect look for some hot tea while you put on some classic Christmas music.

Scarves and Mittens

Scarves and mittens are where you can make coordination extremely easy. Get a few sets of women’s scarves and mittens (or gloves) in the same color family so they can pair well with whatever sweater combo you’ve selected for the day. Our CashTouch light fog star quilt is a snow-kissed, dreamy white pattern that will make any outfit feel all that more special. A pair of durable but cozy white mittens and a bright red winter hat (don’t forget the pom pom!) will make your kids wonder if you’re starting to hang out with Santa.

If you’re ready to make a big scarf commitment, go for the chenille winter scarf in rich red—it’s a gorgeous jewel tone that says Christmas no matter where you go. With the plush Sherpa lining on the reserve side plus a coordinating chenille hat in the same color, there will be no limits to your coziness or Christmas joy.

Christmas on Top, Lounge on Bottom

Christmas sweaters don’t have to be just images of Santa or jingle bells. We’ve got plenty of more elevated looks with Fair Isle knit or snowflake prints that you can swap out with black pants while at work and then slip into some comfier corduroy leggings. They’re the ultimate in mix-and-match wardrobes because they pull double duty. The deep-sea navy tapestry print would complement a dark navy snowflake sweater or a bright white classic cable knit sweater.

Finish off this cozy-at-home look with some slippers. Let’s be honest: slippers go with anything. If you tend to prefer bolder reds in your Christmas wardrobe, then grab a pair of the hot cocoa snowflake slippers in rich red. Then swap them out for the navy blue gifts slippers for Christmas morning or the gingerbread baking ones for weekends spent in the kitchen.

A Christmas wardrobe is designed to make you feel joyful. With these ideas in mind, you can put each outfit together faster than eight tiny reindeer.

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