3 Reasons Why You Need Flannel Pajamas This Winter

3 Reasons Why You Need Flannel Pajamas This Winter

When you think of flannel, are you picturing starched men's flannel shirts all clad in plaid? Think again! Flannel is so much more than that.

Flannel has a long history that has made it a staple in the American textile industry. Everyone loves flannel, whether it's their best lumberjack top to their favorite set of sheets. You can find flannel clothing in every color and pattern you can imagine, so think outside the plaid boxes and find something that matches your aesthetic perfectly. Another classic option is the flannel pajama — an iconic and versatile option for comfortable and cozy snuggle time. Read on for three of the top reasons you need flannel pajamas this winter.

1. They're Perfect for Temperature Control

Flannel is definitely a material most people associate with winter, and for good reason. It's warm but breathable, so you can be sure you're cozy as well as totally comfortable. And if you generally run hot, worry not. The lightweight nature of this fabric actually works both ways, to warm you when it's cool, and cool you when it's warm. Whether you live in a fairly warm climate or one with subzero temperatures, flannel pajamas are great options to wear all winter long.

What you sleep in usually determines how well you sleep. While everyone has their own unique nighttime preferences — sleeping with the window open, fan on, under a heavy comforter or maybe heat blasting, socks on, the top sheet only — sleep scientists are pretty sure the ideal temperature for your room is somewhere between 60 and 67°F. That's a little chilly for some of us, but flannel works best right in that range. If you're looking for something that'll keep your body heat in the temperate zone, find your favorite pair of flannel pajamas and rest easy knowing you're about to sleep better than ever.

2. You'll Never Feel Cozier

Listen, we know that your favorite comfy sweats will always hold a place in your heart and home. Still, when it's time for bed, you're going to want to change into a fresh set. Flannel jammies are the nighttime equivalent of that truly cozy feeling you're chasing all day, and are just as perfect for curling up on the couch. Matching pajamas made from flannel are also great to find as a family set for holiday cards or movie nights where you're all together making memories that will last.

Part of the reason these ultra-soft pajamas are so cozy is the flannel is brushed on both sides, which creates a fuzzy but refined effect that you can't find anywhere else. The inside layer is smooth on your skin, while the outside of the pajamas is just as soft for extra-cozy cuddling. Flannel is an excellent choice for children's pajamas because of its gentle touch, and the napped material is safe and breathable enough that your little ones won't overheat no matter how they toss and turn. See, even the process of making flannel soft is related to sleep! Napped material is basically fabric that has been teased to be uniform in touch or feel, which means it never snags and is always soft.

3. They're Not What You Expect

Flannel is somehow both sturdy and silky, and still offers a ton of movement. Most often made from extra soft cotton, flannel is the perfect start to a great night's sleep. The right set of flannel pajamas will have you feeling like you're floating on air and enveloped in clouds.

While we're exploring the night sky, think beyond the regular long sleeve top and full pant image of pajamas. You can find some luxurious flannel robes with sherpa fleece inside and a shawl collar to keep you oh-so-cozy from head to toe. Your options aren't limited to long-sleeves only — you can find flannel pajama shorts and short sleeve tops or even long nightshirts to curl into, too! If everyone in the family has their own pajama-style preference, mix and match to fit their ideal gift. They're a great option to gift during the holiday season and are easily personalized with a monogram for an even more thoughtful touch. But don't wait if you don't want to...flannel pajamas will get you a smile any day of the year.

Keep your flannel pajamas in great condition by washing them in cold water — warm is OK, too — and tumble or hang dry. That's the best way to keep your PJs from pilling or wearing over time. You don't even need fabric softener, because it ends up affecting the fabric's soft touch. If you ever do need to remove any odors or stains, soak the pajamas in some diluted white vinegar and throw them in the wash as instructed. They'll be your favorite set this winter, and probably spring, summer, and fall too.

From sweaters to shorts, you can find flannel in almost every corner of fashion. Be sure to get a set of flannel pajamas this winter, and add on a pair of snuggly slippers to complete your collection of cozy clothes for the season.


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