3 Ways to Style Gender-Free Clothing

3 Ways to Style Gender-Free Clothing

At Lands’ End, we want you to feel comfy and look great. Our clothes are designed to fit every body. Let’s look at some fun ways to style gender-free clothing.

What is “Gender Free Clothing”?

“Gender-free clothing” is designed to be able to fit a variety of body types, and the fashion is fluid, not inherently masculine nor feminine. This often includes clothing that is not cut close to the body for a less conforming shape, however this is not always the case. Both neutrals and bright colors are popular choices in gender-free clothing. Pants and free-flowing tops like tunic tops are often seen in gender-free clothing. But why stop there? “Gender free” simply means that anyone can wear it, which is the way clothing should be viewed. At Lands’ End, we use terms like “men’s” and “women’s” when describing our clothes to assist with sizing only. Always feel free to shop the whole store for what suits you best.

They’re More Like Guidelines, Anyway

We all grew up with them—restrictive fashion rules. Maybe it was a well-intentioned mom or grandmother who told us never to wear white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day. Perhaps it was adults who expected us to wear dresses or suits that weren’t our thing for special occasions. Maybe it was someone who told us (or someone else) that we just couldn’t wear “that” because it wasn’t “right.”

The good news? We are adults now. We get to make our own fashion choices. And if we have kids in our lives because we’re a parent, aunt, or uncle, we get to be inclusive role models for them, too. So… if being told that pink is for girls, skorts are for girls, ruffles are for girls, or a given shirt or pants aren’t feminine looking, let that stuff go and choose to go your own way. Fashion is what makes you look and feel great. You’re on a fashion journey—and it’s going to be fun!

Have Fun with Cut

The lines that create a silhouette in clothing are the easiest area to spot clothes that are designed to be gendered. Waists that are cinched in are presented as more feminine. Skirts are presented as feminine. Silhouettes that are boxy or have broad shoulders are presented as masculine.

The reality is that throughout history, fashion has morphed in many ways. Our forefathers wore high heels and wigs, after all. If a given silhouette makes you feel fabulous, try it out, whether that’s a maxi dress for a male or an oversized men’s blazer with men’s dress pants or jeans for a female. A fun way to highlight your silhouette choices is to go neutral from head to toe. This achromatic look will emphasize the cut as there isn’t as much color variation. Have you ever seen a fabulous black dress or white pantsuit? Part of what makes them look that way is that your eye is drawn to the cut because of the absence of color.

Have Fun with Color

But color can be great fun! Chances are, you know what colors make you look great. Maybe you have explored seasonal color analysis and know that you’re a “summer,” or perhaps you have just stumbled upon certain colors that always make you feel great and seem to generate compliments wherever you go. Embrace the colors you love regardless of whether they are presented to us as masculine or feminine in our society.

This can be especially true of males who grew up in overly confining worlds of brown, black, and grey. Thankfully, this has changed (at least somewhat). Have you spotted some of the red-carpet trends for men lately? There are tuxedos in jewel tones, guys wearing women’s dresses, and enough pearls to impress Coco Chanel herself. The bottom line is that you will want to dress for your taste and your lifestyle. And that should be fun. If the “unexpected” feels like your style, wear that.

Continue to Experiment

One of the most fun things about fashion is that it isn’t permanent. If you try a new pair of dress pants with a boxy top and later decide that it isn’t your favorite combination, no problem. Try something else. Especially if you’re just starting to step out into gender-free clothing, make sure to choose a retailer that has a great return policy (like ours). That way, if you get something home and it just doesn’t look quite how you envisioned it, you can send it back and continue the experiment with something else.

It’s great to have some staples in your closet that will be comfy and stylish go-to choices but never quit “playing” with fashion. It’s a great way to express yourself and care for yourself.

Enjoy those gender-free clothing choices!


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