6 Trendy Outerwear Layers You Need This Fall

6 Trendy Outerwear Layers You Need This Fall

Don’t you just love fall fashion trends? The air gets crisp, and the outerwear gets cozy. Let’s look at some trendy outerwear layers you need this fall.

Equestrian Trend

If you love classic tweeds, the equestrian trend is for you. Go through your closet and look for a preppy blazer with structured shoulders (or treat yourself to a new one!) in timeless patterns like herringbone or houndstooth. Then add a women’s turtleneck sweater, black leggings, and riding boots for a trendy, yet classic look that is perfect for fall.

There are many ways to play with this trend. You can wear the blazer belted or unbelted, open or buttoned, or wear it with leggings, skinny jeans, or dress pants (although being able to tuck your pants into your boots is key). Isn’t it amazing how everything classic becomes new again in fashion?

Tuxedo Jacket Trend

Are you ready for a fun look that is just meant for going from day to evening? Try a tuxedo jacket. This look is cool, classy, on-trend, and oh so versatile. You can add a tuxedo jacket to pants (cut skinny, straight, or wide-legged) or a skirt with a women’s blouse underneath or just wear the tuxedo jacket buttoned as a complete top.

This look is perfect for a special evening out but can also look appropriate and business casual for the office or daytime appointments. Keeping the colors neutral (black is an obvious choice for the tuxedo jacket) will give this look added flexibility. Layering a tank top or blouse underneath will give you greater fashion choices and some cozy insulation from the chill in the air.

Hot Pink Trend

Maybe it’s Pantone’s Rose Violet, or maybe it’s the influence of Barbiecore, but hot pink is everywhere this fall. If you enjoy fashion magazines, blogs, and vlogs, you have probably spotted this one already. Hot pink was a lovely pop color at New York Fashion Week. The great part about a high fashion trend is that it will take no time at all before you see it in not only haute couture but also in your favorite brick-and-mortar stores and shopping sites. Consider indulging in a hot pink cardigan sweater to capture this trend while keeping cozy this fall.

A beautiful cardigan is one of the best wardrobe pieces that you can add for fall. When the weather is “iffy” (that’s what we call it in Wisconsin) you can bring your cardigan with you just in case. It will also look great layered over a tank top or blouse with anything from jeans to dress pants to a skirt.

Leather Shacket Trend

Do you love leather (either real or faux)? If so, the leather shacket trend this fall is for you. Sometimes when we think of leather clothing we think of big, chunky pieces. This look is more streamlined, yet just as warm and cozy. For a great look, consider layering a long leather shacket in black or brown over a sweater and women’s jeans or black pants with boots or booties that match the shacket. You don’t need everything in an outfit to match, but having your shacket and boots match creates a visual framework that is pleasing to the eye and sophisticated in an understated way.

Leather shackets are having a moment! Anne Hathaway was at New York Fashion Week not long ago bringing back The Devil Wears Prada vibe with this look—when she does that, you know the leather shacket is in vogue.

Denim on Denim Trend

Is there anything easier or comfier than denim on denim? Feel free to go shopping for some fun options on this one, but you may already have the perfect pairing in your closet. Jackets in denim combined with denim jeans or denim skirts are perfect for fall. Just add a women’s sweater and you are set for both comfort and style. If you are shopping for a new denim jacket, consider going oversized. A larger denim jacket will give you a light shell that can be worn over your coziest sweaters or hoodies for extra warmth.

Sports Luxe Trend

Activewear that you can mix and match with everything from joggers to skirts? Yes, please! Activewear for women is just too stylish and comfy to leave at the gym. This fall, the sports luxe trend brings it out in the open and mixes it up in all kinds of fun ways. Consider adding your favorite zip-up athletic jacket with a tank top underneath to your favorite casual pants or skirt.

An oversized athleticwear T-shirt or football jersey will be on trend with leggings and white sneakers this fall (and be about as comfy as your favorite pajamas!).

Enjoy staying warm, cozy, and on-trend this fall!


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